Happy New Year from Rayboy Insider Search!  Best of luck making 2015 your best year ever.  We are involved in a fast paced industry at a very exciting time. Technologies such as flash caching, cloud disaster recovery, hyper-convergence, and object storage came into their own in 2014, prompting an influx of new data storage startups. There are so many emerging technologies and technology companies it can be hard to keep up.  Below is a list of 10 data storage startups that have launched since fourth quarter of 2013. Now is the time to pay attention to them.


Beijing Memblaze Technology Co. Ltd.start up board game

Flagship Product: PBlaze4 Hardware Flash Accelerator Product Launch: General availability in 2015

Although technically not a startup, Memblaze is trying to break into U.S. markets. The company has been around since 2011, selling earlier iterations of its NVMe-based PBlaze PCI Express (PCIe) flash devices to Chinese hyperscale organizations. Memblaze places memory on PCIe cards rather than storage systems to enable capacity planning. PBlaze4 devices will be available in nearly 40 memory configurations using Memblaze’s Pianokey technology, which enables MLC and SLC flash to be added in 50 GB increments.

CacheBox Inc.

Flagship Product: CacheAdvance software Product Launch: August 2014

CacheBox provides a bare-metal caching software layer known as CacheAdvance that bridges hard disk and all-flash storage. The algorithm balances static and dynamic caching policies, applying block-level intelligence to manage input/output requests from high availability storage. Server-side cache and guest-level operating system cache are supported for MySQL and MongoDB environments that run Microsoft Windows Server 2008 or Linux-based storage. CacheBox’s initial release supports kernel-based virtual machine hypervisors, with VMware vSphere support on the 2015 roadmap.

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