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2014 Looks Bright for Cloud Services

Despite recent revelations regarding the NSA's extensive surveillance of email messages, Internet traffic and mobile communications, no one expects people or businesses to discard these essential habits and tools. In fact, I believe cloud-based alternatives to traditional, on-premise software and systems will continue to expand in 2014, as providers offer more deployment [...]


The Thinning Of The Datacenter

On the eve of the millennium, a shot was fired that barely registered inside the walls of datacenters. Launched in 1999, would go from being yet another dotcom to reshaping the way businesses buy and deploy software. Its "no software" campaign really meant no software running in your datacenter. It pushed [...]


White-Box Server Growth Boosted By Cloud Provider Market: Report

A new report from research firm Dell'Oro Group on the server market shows that demand for white-box servers is growing, driven by cloud and service providers, and as servers and networks converge. Global server shipments reached 2.47 million units in the three months ending Sept. 30, a 3% increase from the third [...]


Gigamon Adds New Traffic Filtering Capabilities

Gigamon announced new applications and features that are designed to improve traffic visibility for enterprises and service providers. However, a networking expert predicts many of the capabilities are likely to become integrated into software-defined networking products. Huy Nguyen, Gigamon’s senior director of product management, said the company’s focus is on providing fabric-wide, [...]


Box Has Been Thinking Outside of the Cloud

Many people think of Box as a cloud company. But really, it's a collaboration company, says Vikrant Karnik, senior vice president of enterprise cloud consulting services for systems integrator Capgemini, a newly minted Box partner. Box has been a poster child for the cloud computing movement, along with companies such as DropBox, [...]


Internap Taps Solid-State Storage For Cloud Service

Hosting services giant enters cloud sector, aims to differentiate itself from competitors with high-speed, performance-guaranteed block storage. Internap Network Services moved into the public cloud realm in November with its AgileCloud, and it is now offering compute and storage services from its data centers located in key worldwide communications hubs. Internap is [...]


Anti-Bot Working Group to Fight DDoS Attacks from Cloud Infrastructure

Distributed denial-of-service attacks against financial firms and other industries have been mounting, so today the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) announced it is establishing the Anti-Bot Working Group to help fight this threat. The CSA, the organization formed to set standards for best practices and security in cloud-based services, has set up the [...]


Data Protection Technologies For Cloud Environments

As companies increasing use public and private clouds, and as the data deluge continues to grow, IT administrators face a rapidly escalating backup, archive and recovery challenge. Various types of cloud deployments (i.e. public, private and hybrid) and applications have changed the rules of some traditional backup strategies, such as backup to [...]


IBM and Amazon are Battling for an ‘Explosive’ Fed Cloud Market

The fight between IBM and Amazon Web Services (AWS) over a CIA cloud computing contract is just a preview of what's ahead. Federal investment in cloud computing is showing remarkable growth. AWS and IBM, as well as many others in the cloud space, are fighting for mindshare among federal IT managers, who [...]


5 Things to Watch for at Amazon’s Cloud Show

Last year some 6,000 attendees trekked out to Las Vegas for the first customer conference of what many consider to be the leading public IaaS cloud provider: Amazon Web Services. AWS re:Invent 2012 saw the launch of a new data analytics and warehousing product, price drops on its services, and lots of [...]

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