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Data Protection Technologies For Cloud Environments

As companies increasing use public and private clouds, and as the data deluge continues to grow, IT administrators face a rapidly escalating backup, archive and recovery challenge. Various types of cloud deployments (i.e. public, private and hybrid) and applications have changed the rules of some traditional backup strategies, such as backup to [...]


IBM and Amazon are Battling for an ‘Explosive’ Fed Cloud Market

The fight between IBM and Amazon Web Services (AWS) over a CIA cloud computing contract is just a preview of what's ahead. Federal investment in cloud computing is showing remarkable growth. AWS and IBM, as well as many others in the cloud space, are fighting for mindshare among federal IT managers, who [...]


5 Things to Watch for at Amazon’s Cloud Show

Last year some 6,000 attendees trekked out to Las Vegas for the first customer conference of what many consider to be the leading public IaaS cloud provider: Amazon Web Services. AWS re:Invent 2012 saw the launch of a new data analytics and warehousing product, price drops on its services, and lots of [...]


Arbor Networks Introduces Cloud-Based Anti-DDoS Service

Arbor Networks today introduced its first cloud-based distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) mitigation service to protect enterprises against large-scale attacks intended to swallow up available bandwidth or knock application servers offline. The Arbor DDoS mitigation service could be applied to filter out unwanted attack traffic at up to about 280Gbps or even higher, according [...]


Start-up Adallom takes on SaaS security monitoring/auditing

Start-up Adallom today introduced a cloud-based offering intended to help enterprises better monitor, audit and control use of software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications by employees. Adallom’s approach relies on a proxy-based technology available as either a security service in the cloud or server-based software that can be used on premises, says Tal Klein, vice [...]


Boom Time for Corporate Cloud Marketplaces

The growing adoption of Bring Your Own Device policies by organizations of all sizes, across nearly every industry, has enabled corporate end-users and business units to more easily acquire apps tailored to their specific work requirements. This Bring Your Own Apps phenomenon, often referred to as the "consumerization of IT," has sparked [...]


Cloud news: Amazon targets high-speed graphics; Rackspace boosts VM performance

Two of the leading cloud computing providers today announced significant revisions to their on-demand virtual machines, with Rackspace rolling out new higher performing SSD-based VMs, and Amazon Web Services reducing the prices on one class of its VMs and introducing a service for graphics processing. The moves reflect the jockeying, back-and-forth nature [...]

2013-11-18T12:13:31-06:00 Creates Single-Sign-On Cloud

Plenty of businesses rely on Active Directory and other LDAP-based directory services to manage employee access to applications and servers behind the corporate firewall. But how are they managing the chaos brought on by the cloud and BYOD movements, with Web-based and mobile-enabled apps ranging from Gmail and Box to Concur, Workday [...]


Open Text buys cloud B2B integrator GXS in $1.17 billion deal

Open Text is acquiring GXS Group for US$1.17 billion in a deal that will give the information management software vendor a widely used cloud-based business-to-business trading platform. The deal is expected to close within 90 days, according to Open Text's announcement on Tuesday. GXS sells Trading Grid, which "eliminates the ongoing complexities [...]