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Are Rival Partnerships the Future of IT Outsourcing?

Last week, HCL Technologies and CSC announced a new partnership in the application modernization space, targeting corporate IT customers who want to move their legacy applications to the cloud. The move was a surprise to some IT outsourcing industry watchers since $4.8 billion dollar HCL had long pitched itself as a cost-effective [...]


Cloud Gazing: 3 Security Trends To Watch

Cloud computing continues to break barriers and deliver new types of workloads and content. Just look at how many users are connecting via the Internet. Statistics show us that a typical user accesses two to three devices every day. If you work in tech, I have no doubt that this number is [...]


Cloud Growth Drives Need For Unified Datacenter Monitoring

The complexities of the cloud are becoming much more evident as enterprises seek to add this technology into their datacenters. Regardless of the ultimate goal, be it public cloud, private cloud, or a hybrid-cloud integration, datacenter engineers face numerous challenges -- ranging from security to performance to service provisioning. However, there is [...]


CenturyLink Eases Cloud Foundry Deployments

CenturyLink, a telco cloud service supplier, is capitalizing on its acquisition of Tier3 to better compete with Amazon, Microsoft, and Google in the race to attract developers. Developer activity tends to produce repeat cloud business. Some would even say vendors must attract developers or die.  EngineYard, Heroku, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, and [...]


Foreign Businesses Flee US Cloud Computing, Survey Finds

Fully a quarter of businesses are moving data out of the US as a result of revelations about the scope of data gathering by the US National Security Agency, claims Canada-based cloud hosting PEER 1 Hosting. Some qualifications apply: The survey behind the company's assertion doesn't cover 25% of all businesses. It [...]


Verizon: Major Apps Move Cloudward In 2014

Expect to see leading brand-name enterprise apps become more cloud-based in 2014 as cloud services do a better job of securely supporting hybrid cloud environments. This will give enterprises more confidence to move more core apps into the cloud, a top Verizon Terremark executive predicts. John Considine, CTO, Verizon Terremark, says the [...]


SSDs Cheaper Than Hard Drives? Not In This Decade

I regularly hear people, including many that should know better, predicting that in just a few years we’ll evict all the hard drives from our data centers as SSDs become less expensive than spinning disks. While the decline in SSD prices has been dramatic over the last year or so, I’m betting [...]


Google Opens Data Centers in Asia

Google opened its newest data centers earlier this month in Taiwan and Singapore, setting up the Internet giant to capitalize on one of the Internet's fastest growing regions. "While we've been busy building, the growth in Asia's Internet has been amazing," Joe Kava, the company's VP of data centers, wrote in a [...]


3 Ways Enterprise IT Will Change in 2014

The holiday season is a great time to look back at the year, with an eye toward what we in the ever-changing world of information technology can expect in 2014. These three trends warrant your close attention in the new year. In Light of NSA Revelations, companies Will Be Wary of the [...]