Monthly Archives: April 2014


MuleSoft Quietly Becomes Cloud Powerhouse

Mulesoft has grown up, from a company built around a quiet open source project to supply an enterprise service bus, into a potential cloud behemoth. It now offers 200 connectors to provide integration, either on-premises or in its CloudHub service running on Amazon Web Services. Its three most recent rounds of venture [...]


CloudSigma Partners with New Relic to Improve Public Cloud Application Performance Monitoring

CloudSigma, a public cloud IaaS provider with advanced hybrid hosting solutions, today announced that it has partnered with software analytics company New Relic, Inc. to provide customers with new levels of real-time insight into the health of their applications and server infrastructure. Tightly integrated into CloudSigma's existing public cloud infrastructure, New Relic's [...]


Navy Eyes Cloud Storage

In its ongoing efforts to reduce network and IT infrastructure costs, the US Navy wants to move most of its non-classified, publically available data to a commercially provided cloud, cut the number of Navy data centers from 150 to 25, and eliminate redundant costs including duplicative software applications. The move reflects the [...]

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