The complexities of the cloud are becoming much more evident as enterprises seek to add this technology into their datacenters. Regardless of the ultimate goal, be it public cloud, private cloud, or a hybrid-cloud integration, datacenter engineers face numerous challenges — ranging from security to performance to service provisioning.Cloud-growth

However, there is one challenge that transcends all of the services offered: end-to-end data packet transport.

Simply put, a successful IT service, whether it’s local (LAN), cloud (WAN), or otherwise, ultimately relies on the efficient movement of data packets across the infrastructure elements. Without this part of equation, services are unreliable or, worse, unusable. For IT, neither is acceptable for line-of-business or customer service applications.

However, reliability and consistency are not new challenges for the enterprise. Improving both of these has been a challenge since day one of computing. That brings up another question — basically, what exactly has changed to bring core networking reliabilities back to the forefront of IT services?

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