Fully a quarter of businesses are moving data out of the US as a result of revelations about the scope of data gathering by the US National Security Agency, claims Canada-based cloud hosting PEER 1 Hosting.3892

Some qualifications apply: The survey behind the company’s assertion doesn’t cover 25% of all businesses. It describes findings from a 10-minute survey of 300 small companies — 250 employees or less — based in the UK and Canada.

When the sample is confined to just Canadian companies, 33% say they plan move data out of US datacenters. Evidence of that exodus isn’t extensive: PEER 1 was able to point to one client, iDigital, that has been dealing with data flight.

Matt McKinney, managing director of iDigital, an 85-person cloud hosting provider based in British Columbia, Canada, said in a phone interview that privacy is particularly important to Canadians, noting that the country has been aggressive in dealing with online privacy through its regulatory agencies.

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