Google opened its newest data centers earlier this month in Taiwan and Singapore, setting up the Internet giant to capitalize on one of the Internet’s fastest growing regions.0405-google-china-asia-taiwan-data-center_full_600

“While we’ve been busy building, the growth in Asia’s Internet has been amazing,” Joe Kava, the company’s VP of data centers, wrote in a Dec. 10 blog post. “Between July and September of this year alone, more than 60 million people in Asia landed on the mobile Internet for the first time. That’s almost two Canadas, or three Australias.”

That’s not all. Cloud computing also has emerged as a technology platform for business and consumers alike, and that’s made it increasingly important for companies like Google to put their data centers close to potential customers.

“There’s tremendous demand for data and content from anyone providing a cloud, and at some point latency and throughput can only be addressed through close-by, local presence,” Jeff Boles, senior analyst at Taneja Group, said via email. “These leading cloud providers have pole-vaulted their capabilities ahead so rapidly that they can get the right data to any of their data centers, irrespective of where it was originally stored, so these localized data centers are growing in importance for these strategic providers.”

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