PernixData, a startup that aims to boost the performance of server-side storage, took in $35 million, bringing the company’s total funding to $62 million. With the cash, the company plans on bulking up its sales, marketing and engineering staff, said PernixData’s vice president of marketing Jeff Aaron.

What PernixData says differentiates it from many other storage startups is that it lets customers pool and virtualize all their high-speed storage — like flash drives and RAM — into individual clusters. They can then allocate those resources fast, even if the storage may be in different physical locations.

If a company has to upgrade its storage capacity it won’t have to buy a ton of flash drives to add capacity and performance at the same time. Instead, it can buy lower-cost hardware to act as the storage for the data that doesn’t need fast access while the clusters handle the higher-priority, more resource-intensive data.  Read More.pernixdata

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