Oracle’s new generation of Exadata will be able to compete on price and still have the same high-end quality that their customers are used to. They have decided to take EMC/Cisco’s idea and emulate it with a competing product that Ellison believes will be superior to what is currently available in the market. oracle comic

Larry Ellison took the stage in the conference center of his company’s headquarters Jan. 21 to unveil Oracle’s X5 line of converged systems to staff, partners and customers.

Clearly comfortable in his new role as CTO, Ellison’s passion for engineering was evident as he talked about the technical capabilities of the Virtual Compute Appliance, Exadata Database Machine and other upcoming Oracle products.

While he may have been wearing his engineer cap, Ellison was still ever the salesman, ever the combatant. With typical bravado, Oracle’s founder threw down the gauntlet to Cisco and EMC, proclaiming he was ready to take them on in their own game of selling low-priced servers to power modern data centers.

Here’s Ellison in his own words.

Gen 5

We’re here to introduce the fifth generation of our engineered systems. Again, the idea is taking the hardware and software and during the engineering phase actually designing them to work together. We do the integration so you don’t have to. But more than that we locate functions at the right place in the stack. If it’s a storage function, we locate it closer to the storage. If it’s a compute function, it’s close to the compute service, and there’s security through all layers, through the storage, through the networking and through compute.

This is our fifth generation of engineered systems called X5.

Data Center Trends

The biggest data center trends are these two-socket Intel servers which have a very, very low purchase price. People are building the core of their data center around these two-socket Intel servers. And almost always running Linux.

So it’s a lot of two-socket servers, pretty much the cheapest servers you can buy, running an open-source operating system and people are building that as the core of their data center, and it’s very attractive because it has a low purchase price.

You can make the argument, we make the argument, that these do-it-yourself data centers are expensive. You do the integration rather than we do the integration.  Read Full Article.

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