RayboyIS knows data storage. That’s all we do. We’re a top-tier provider offering far better results than other staffing options. We’re not a resume service. We thoroughly interview every potential candidate and will discuss with you their strengths, weaknesses, hot buttons, and motivation for change. We know the market and aggressively seek the best talent in the storage industry. Our level of service, quality of candidate pool and our legendary turnaround times are in a league by itself. Customer satisfaction is paramount and our clients are thrilled with the value we provide.

We work with a small number of clients so that we can be a true strategic partner for all of their recruiting needs. You may not know us, but you probably know many of our clients in the industry. We are a small, agile firm but our inside information and years of experience allow us to place a high number of extremely skilled candidates in leading positions with Tier 1 companies.

By having a singular focus on storage for the past 8 years, we have an extensive network spanning all segments of the market and all GEO’s across North America. Most of our network has been built from referrals- doing an outstanding job for people, genuinely trying to help them, and them returning the favor. We have close relationships with the pool of passive candidates, the “A” players that are not looking. These super stars are not on the job boards, and are happy where they are at. They have confidentially shared their career goals with us over the years, and we have the ability to make them aware of your opportunity as a potential advancement for their career. We also have the experience, knowledge, and skills necessary to predatory source the top candidates from your direct competitors, if we don’t know them already (we probably do).

By having immediate access to the most desirable candidates, we can greatly reduce your time-to-fill cycle, thus providing immediate ROI. Our 18-step search process has proven effective over the years, and we are outstanding at our jobs, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Our main expertise is in the areas of sales, business development, systems engineering, marketing, consulting, professional services, as well as leadership positions across all areas. We know the nuances between direct, channel, and OEM sales, and the required skill-sets to be effective in each. We understand the different requirements for selling into SMB customers vs. Enterprise. We work very heavily in both Commercial and Federal markets. Within Federal, we have been successful across Civilian, DOD, Intel, and SI Communities. We have an extensive network of folks with top-level government security clearances.

We have relationships with folks coming from a broad range of technologies, including but not limited to: SAN and NAS subsystems, Storage Virtualization (Block and File), Storage Resource Management (SRM), Backup/Recovery/Archiving, Continuous Data Protection (CDP), Data De-Duplication, Tape Automation, Virtual Tape Libraries (VTL), Data Migration, Email Archiving, Data Classification, Content Addressable Storage (CAS), Optical Storage, Storage Encryption, iSCSI/IP San’s, Wide Area File Services (WAFS), WAN Optimization, Fiberchannel Infrastructure, Infiniband Solutions, 10-gig Ethernet, Data Center Automation, Blade Server/Virtualization, Grid/Utility Computing, Video/Broadcast Specific Storage, RAID Controllers, and others.