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RayboyIS your trusted industry insider for the data management marketplace.

We know the industry inside and out and we’re committed to building great teams for our clients. How? With our team of hard-charging and dedicated search consultants, a strong network of existing relationships with the industry’s top talent, expertise in data management related technologies, and proven search process, we’re uniquely positioned to help our clients achieve their goals efficiently and effectively.

Cybersecurity Practice Area

We’re Rayboy Insider Search – the recruiting and staffing secret weapon for the Cybersecurity marketplace.

Storage & Infrastructure Practice Area

We’re Rayboy Insider Search – the recruiting and staffing secret weapon for the Storage & Infrastructure marketplace.

With our extensive network of relationships throughout the industry:

We drastically reduce time-to-fill cycles, since we never start a search from scratch. We get the right candidates on board and producing faster than any other search firm possibly can.

We provide an Immediate and Measurable Return on Investment for Companies.


Industry insights from the Cybersecurity, Data Storage, and Data Center Infrastructure Recruiting Experts.

Leverage Our Team of Experts

As a team composed entirely of industry veterans, we understand what it takes to find the perfect skillset and personality match between candidate and potential employer. Our expert team has the skills and experience to reliably deliver outstanding results in record time. We have the inside track on the best candidates, armed with a methodology to ensure “right fit” hires.

We take companies & careers to the next level.