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The most valuable asset to any organization is people. In the storage, virtualization, and infrastructure market, Rayboy Insider Search (RayboyIS) is your key to accessing the best people in the industry. How? That’s all we’ve done since 2000, successfully placing over 500 top sales, engineering, and management executives with our clients.


True Consultant

We are true consultants to our clients, providing them valuable insight throughout the hiring process. They view us as their eyes and ears in the market, keeping them abreast of current trends, as well as providing feedback on the company’s public perception. We are often our clients’ best source of PR, getting their messaging out to the industry and partner community in a consistent, effective, and professional manner.



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Niche Networks

By having a singular focus on our niche all these years, we have built an extensive network spanning all segments of the market and all GEO’s across North America and beyond. We have close relationships with the pool of passive candidates, the “A” players that are not looking. These super stars are not on the job boards, and are happy where they are at.

They have confidentially shared their career goals with us, and we have the ability to make them aware of your opportunity as a potential advancement for their career. We also have the experience, knowledge, and skills necessary to predatory source the top candidates from your direct competitors, if we don’t know them already (We probably do).

Industry Insiders

As industry insiders, we understand your business, and quickly comprehend your requirements. We are uniquely qualified to effectively represent your search in the market. By having immediate access to the most desirable candidates, we can greatly reduce your time-to-fill cycle, thus providing immediate ROI. Our 18-step search process has proven effective over the years, and we are outstanding at our jobs, allowing you to focus on your core business.


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We help our clients attract and land the candidates they want to hire, and we do it faster than any other firm in the industry.



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