Jordan Rayboy, CEO of RayboyIS, is a well renowned speaker within the recruiting industry. He has presented to packed rooms at numerous national and regional conferences, as well as webinars and videos for several well known training companies. He receives rave reviews from audience feedback surveys, as much for his passion and energetic style as his material. He believes in abundance, and enjoys sharing his in-the-trenches expertise to help elevate the level of the recruiting industry as a whole.

From training recruiters on how to dominate their niche, to helping owners with building and managing virtual teams, Jordan holds nothing back in delivering valuable content and takeaways that are implementable day one back at the office. Beyond simply helping recruiters increase their production, Jordan’s story and motivational message has inspired countless others to pursue their dream lives.


“Jordan Rayboy not only is an engaging, passionate, and driven search professional, he is also a world class presenter and recruiting trainer. Every time Jordan presents he shares best practices that can be immediately implemented and applied to both rookies and veterans alike. He always delivers fresh and relevant real life stories and anecdotes that always reinforces his message. I recently watched him present to a filled room at the NAPS conference in Las Vegas and Jordan captivated the audience that kept growing in size as many poured out of other rooms to catch the magic that was coming from Jordan . He has always been a big biller and now has hit the scene as a big time speaker as well. I could not be more enthusiastic in recommending Jordan to any organization trying to find a speaker or trainer to get to the next level!!!!”
– Jeff Kaye, CEO, Kaye Bassman and Next Level Exchange

“Jordan is brilliant at combining life lessons and stories into real world strategies for excelling on a recruiting desk.  He had several “AHA!” moments for me in his presentation.  Jordan also masters the difficult combination of being very entertaining with being very informative for his audience. Additionally, in speaking with some of the attendees outside the room one of the key intangibles he brings is the ability to “paint pictures of possibilities” for those that hear him.  He has accomplished so much in so little time in a non-customary work environment.  He is a true inspiration to those lucky enough to know and hear him.”
– Mike Gionta, Founder,

“So, the votes are in and everyone gave Jordan an Excellent rating!!  The comments were:  Jordan is awesome!  What a dynamic speaker! I needed this!  Very impressive session!  Extremely valuable! Very motivational and inspiring!

In short, Jordan was a hit!!  As he always is!  He had us all energized!”
-Meredith Daly, President of Georgia Association of Personnel Services

“Recently I had the opportunity to listen to Jordan Rayboy present at the Fordyce Forum in Las Vegas. This was my first time to see Jordan in action and I came away with several ideas to bring back to my team. He delivered his content with an energetic style that gave the audience a reason to listen. He shared not only stories of his travels but also his tips & techniques that have made him a top producer. It was wonderful to hear from a real recruiter who lives on the front lines about what works, how he plans his day, and the things that he does to keep him on track. I highly recommend Jordan as a speaker to deliver workshops at recruiting conferences and look forward to the next time I get to see him.”
– Craig Silverman, VP-Sales & Marketing, Albin Engineering Services

“Some people “walk the talk”. Jordan Rayboy doesn’t just walk it, he bikes it, snow boards it, hikes it and travels it, all while staying a million dollar producer! Jordan delivers a targeted, from the heart message that combines a smart, timeless approach to recruiting, delivered in his own unique style with luxury RV and family in tow. Talk about a great work-life strategy!”
– Rob Mosley, Sr. Director of Training & Development- Next Level Exchange

“Jordan’s presentation at the Fordyce Forum this year was one of the most well-received sessions of the week. He has always been full of energy, and that energy fueled the enthusiasm that he put into sharing his knowledge with the rest of us. Jordan and Jeska’s lifestyle is envied by almost everyone who works in recruiting, but make no mistake about it – they work hard to have it! Jordan’s presentation demonstrated this fact quite well – the discipline and dedication that they both put into their business rewards them with the life they lead. So many nuggets of wisdom were given to the session attendees during his presentation; we all appreciated the information and look forward to working to live our own dreams!”
– Amy Beth Hale, Editor, ERE Media/The Fordyce Letter

“Jordan Rayboy is an exceptional recruiter with an appetite for success that is apparent in everything he does, both personally and professionally. He spoke to my membership of recruiters and provided many pearls of wisdom that only come with experience and hard work. Most inspiring about Jordan is his passion for life and his ability to use the recruiting profession as a vehicle for an extraordinary life.”
– Gary Stauble, CEO, The Recruiting Lab

Recruiters Connection would like to thank you very much for your fun, informative and valuable webinar that you provided to our members.  The topic, “How To Make Your Time Worth More,” caught the attention of many to join.  After all webinars, we do a survey and the remarks were outstanding!  You clearly have a passion for the Recruiting Industry, and your energy, interest in developing others, along with your incredible knowledge of how to be successful in recruiting was expressed throughout your webinar.  We wish you continued success in your “RV lifestyle of recruiting!”
– Pat O’Connor and Susan Miller, Owners, Recruiters Connection

Jordan:  I love your “story” and your “lifestyle!” You are great for sharing your story and my clients loved you.
– Barb Bruno, President, Good as Gold Training

“Jordan Rayboy is the type of presenter we all want to see when we go to a conference. Funny, sassy, and filled with good ideas that make a difference. Thanks, Jordan!”
– Kathleen Kurke, Past President, Pinnacle Society

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