“Thank you for all your hard work Team Rayboy!”

“My new position so far is a fantastic fit and is due in large part to the hard work and dedication of Mark, Amy, and Jordan at Rayboy Insider Search.  What I expect from a recruiter and finally found with RayboyIS is professionalism, excellent communication, positions that advance my career, and my own personal Champion.  The communication throughout the process was fantastic.  I was never left wondering what the next steps were and if something was happening that I did not know about.  Thank you for all your hard work Team Rayboy!”
– Beajan Mehrpour- VDI Sales Manager

“Mark and the team at Rayboy Insider Search worked with me over a period of months to place me at a position I consider to be a dream job. Mark helped me every step of the way, making sure to follow up with me before and after each contact with the company. I don’t know if I would be where I am today without Mark.”
– Jeremy Banker – Technical Support Engineer

“Mark did an excellent job recruiting me for my new role at Citrix. Everything he explained about the position and culture was accurate. Citrix is a wonderful company with a very Work/Life focused environment. I Just returned from new hire training. This is a very organized company. The managers are great guys also. I’m glad to work for them. Thanks again for helping with the position. Again, outstanding job by Mark!”
– Richard Shepherd – Networking Sales Specialist

“Mark and Rayboy Insider Search provided a fantastic recruiting experience in assisting me with my job search. I landed a job at a large corporation that is well-known in the technology industry and without Mark and Rayboy Insider Search, I’m not sure I’d be here. They facilitated the entire process and were extremely proactive with getting me in front of the right management team members. They knew the corporation and were able to provide me detailed tips and information that I otherwise would not have known. I strongly recommend them as a recruiting firm.”
– Alli Fierro- Networking Sales Specialist  

“It was great to work with Amy at Rayboy Insider Search. She found me the right opportunity quickly.  The next day the first interview was scheduled.  She prepared me for the interviews and did an excellent job interfacing between me and the hiring manager.  I would not have gotten the job without her.  I would recommend Amy, Jordan and the entire Rayboy Insider Search team to anyone seeking a job.  I’m truly grateful for their expertise.”
–  Tim Schmidt – Lead Sales Engineer  

“Jordan and Amy – It was a pleasure working with the Rayboy Insider Search team on my recent career move. The Rayboy team was very professional, responsive, and guided me throughout the entire hiring process. I am also very grateful for your recruiting expertise and introducing me to such a top notch organization. I can now truly say they are my “trusted advisors” after this experience. I highly recommend RayboyIS and wish everyone a prosperous future.”
– Philip Pien – Regional Sales Manager 

“I started my first ‘real’ job over 15 years ago and really had no intentions of leaving. However, one day Amy Jackson from RayboyIS contacted me about a position at Citrix, wanting to know if I was interested.

After hearing about the position, I told Amy that I hadn’t interviewed for a job in over 15 years, and she would have her work cut out for her. Amy guided me through every step of the process, from phone interviews to in person interviews, she was able to give me the guidance I needed to make it through the interview process.

I can’t adequately express how much help Amy and the rest of the RayboyIS team was to my new career. Amy was there to follow up every step of the way, continually giving me feedback on what to expect next, and how I might go about preparing for it. Had it not been for their hard work and attention to detail, I don’t know that I would be where I am today.

While I hope I don’t need their services anytime in the near or distant future, it’s good to know there are people out there who will help get to the next phase of your career. I’ve already sent a few people to the RayboyIS team, and will continue to do so when a colleague needs assistance.”
– Don Teague – Pre-Sales SE

“Amy Jackson is an outstanding recruiter. She has been fantastic about taking the time to understand my personal goals and aligning them to the perfect career move for me. Amy quickly gained my trust, gave solid advice and helped guide me through a very important process. I highly recommend Rayboy Insider Search for every job seeker and employer.”
– Bill MacDonald – Large Enterprise Relationship Manager

“Mark is the most professional recruiter that I have ever worked with. I appreciate the dedication to updates and feedback through the interview process. Through the process, I felt that I was truly being represented fairly and professionally. I highly recommend Mark and Rayboy Insider Search to assist in representing or finding top talent in the IT industry.”
– Russell Harris – Program Manager

“There are many great things mentioned on this board about the Rayboy team. I have read each and every comment and without reservation, based on my personal experiences…they are all true. If the Department of Labor were to nationalize Team Rayboy, I am convinced that we would not have a labor mismatch problem in the U.S. for long. Since this is unlikely, I feel sorry both for their competition and those that do not know of them yet.”
– Scott Daniel – ERP & CRM Systems Manager

“Amy was a pleasure to work with throughout the interview and hiring process. She was methodical in her follow up, communication and process; ensuring I was always aware of the next step. She was a perfect candidate advocate and I would highly recommend her work.”
-Trevor Beahm – Corporate Account Manager

Jordan is very effective at bringing jobs to people and people to jobs. He helps to guide you through the process and provide the results you’re after.”
Kevin Levine – Solutions Architect/Technical Trainer 

“Most of all, Amy is someone you can trust. She works hard to match employer’s needs with candidates that can meet or exceed them. Amy’s communication will keep everyone fully informed at every step of the process. Amy’s commitment to serving both employer and candidate really stands out and yields excellent results.”
-Greg Shackelford – Principal Sales Engineer 

Usually, a “recruiter” serves a function not unlike an assistant engineer on a steam locomotive, shoveling coal into the furnace to make the train go. As long as it meets the base requirement of coal, everything is satisfactory–no consideration for the “coal” is usually given.

Mark, however, is no mere “recruiter”–he’s a talent acquisition professional. He dealt with me warmly, fairly and in a ethical manner–he understood the worth of not only my time and talent, but the value of the opportunity and company he introduced me to. He did his homework not only on whether I would be a good resource, but a good teammate and valuable addition to my company. Furthermore, he fairly represented my interests as well, determining if the opportunity would give me not only the material satisfaction, but intellectual and career satisfaction I craved.

Mark is incredibly knowledgeable not only about his client company, but the actual field he was finding talent for. At no time did I feel he was “reading from a script” to determine my fitness–indeed, I often thought he worked for my company, as he had in-depth knowledge and information above and beyond most individuals in his career I have dealt with. Furthermore, I felt that at all times he was transparent and forthcoming with all information he could share, at all times.

Finally, he shows concern and great customer service, well after the “transaction” is completed. This is serious business to him, and no doubt this attitude is a great boon to his firm, as well as his clients.

Both I and my new company felt well represented and dealt with by Mark, and I cannot endorse him strongly enough.
– Earl Bryant – Systems Engineer 

When Amy called to recruit me, I wasn’t really looking for a new job. Unlike the many other recruiters that contact me almost weekly, she actually brought me an interesting challenge and a great opportunity.

Throughout the process, she was perfect. Just the right amount of touch, always available without being too much. If you get the chance to work with her, I am sure you will be as happy with her service as I was.
– Philip Pennington – Cloud Storage Architect

As I told Amy, regardless of the outcome I want you to know that this has (hands down) been the best experience I’ve encountered with a recruiting firm. Amy’s knowledge regarding the scope of the position and the client’s needs, along with her prompt correspondence has made for a very smooth interviewing process. As you’re probably aware, there is a huge disconnect (ironically resulting in a void) in today’s saturated recruiting market. Without a doubt, I will be passing on your information in the future. Thanks again for the opportunity and I look forward to speaking with you again.”
– Rob Milligan- Systems Engineer 

“Mark was instrumental in my recent career move. He was able to bring to me opportunities that aligned with my current skill set and future aspirations. His follow-up and coaching throughout the entire process were extremely valuable and I would not hesitate to work with him again either as a hiring manager or should I decide to make another career move. I have recommended Mark and the team to others based on my positive experience.”
– Jan Aufdenkamp – Technical Sales Leader  

“With Mark’s guidance, I was able to land a great position in line with my career and personal goals at a great company. The process of interviewing, timely closed loop feedback, preparation for next step, and closing in on the opportunity with Mark and his firm’s guidance was the best and least stressful experience I have ever had while trying to transition. Mark and his firm are Pros in recruiting, coaching, and achieving results.”
– Haroon Fakiri – Director of Product Operations, PMO  

“I have had the pleasure to work with Mark on a couple of different occasions. Not only did he bring to me quality opportunities, he was available, followed up appropriately and acted as an excellent coach. Two thumbs up!”
– Bart Asquith – Director, Business Development 

Amy has been instrumental in helping to develop my career path. She exhibits a great deal of professionalism and is an excellent communicator. No matter what question or concern I had during the search for my next adventure, she was always available to provide feedback. I would not hesitate to leverage Amy’s expertise in the future. Rayboy Insider Search is very fortunate to have her on the team!
– Sales Engineer at Pivot3  

“Amy and I first connected back in 2007. I never seemed to be in the market for a new job, but when I finally was open to new opportunities Amy was right there for me, even 8yrs later. That’s dedication! She found a great opportunity for me with Atlantis Computing and I couldn’t be happier. Her tireless effort and willingness to find an opportunity for me was and is greatly appreciated. She’s truly awesome at what she does, which is finding great opportunities for you. Thanks again Amy!”
– Earl Reed – Federal Pre-Sales Systems Engineer  

“I have worked with Jordan for over 15 years and cannot emphasize enough the high level of professionalism, expertise and knowledge in the IT sector that Jordan continues to provide, An understanding of a person’s career background and the right role that person could fit into is excellent. I continue to be very impressed with Jordan’s attention to detail and dedication.

Thank you again Jordan”
– John Joyce – Regional Sales Manager  

“It was a pleasure working with Amy and the Rayboy Insider Search team. Amy’s approach to recruiting was both refreshing and phenomenal. In a world where most recruiters are playing numbers and hoping they have a match; Amy and the Rayboy team set the expectations upfront and validate that expectations are met through the entire process. Amy is a true professional. She is detail oriented, meticulous, well organized with excellent communication skills. During the entire process, Amy kept me updated and informed on the next steps. I can highly recommend Amy as a top recruiter.”
– Grant Butsumyo – IT Service Delivery Manager

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for connecting me with such a wonderful new company! Things are going great and I couldn’t be happier! Thanks again and I hope you both have continued success at Rayboy!”
– Earl Reed – Federal Systems Engineer

“The best recruiting company I have ever worked with.

I have had the pleasure of working with Amy and Jordan to land a very exciting job at a top tier technology company.  I am especially grateful to Amy for doing an excellent job prepping me for each step of the interview and keeping me well informed through the entire process.

I am very impressed by the Rayboy team’s dedication and level of professionalism and highly recommend them to anyone looking to make a career move.”
– Omid Amini – Field Application Engineer

“I want to thank Amy for helping me find a new home and an exciting opportunity. The entire interview process was very professional and my questions and concerns were quickly answered. The team at Rayboy is top notch. I highly recommend her as a recruitment specialist. Thanks again for all your help!”
– Orlando Villarreal – Sales Engineer

“Mark was a pleasure to work with and turned me on to an exciting and excellent opportunity with Emerging Threats. His knowledge of the industry, the requirements for the position and research made the entire process a breeze for all parties involved. It was a perfect fit for both ET and myself and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I plan to work with Mark in the future regarding any positions I am looking to fill or as a candidate considering a possible career move. I have already recommended him to many of my peers and will continue to do so in the future.”
– Bryan Ford – Director OEM Sales

“Jordan was a vital resource during a recent career change for me. He took the time to understand my skills as well as my needs from an employer before presenting me with an opportunity. In my opinion, that enabled everyone involved to move efficiently with confidence. Jordan provided insight that enabled me to be prepared for each of my four interactions with my new employer. He was also very respectful of any request I had in regards to our message to the potential employer. Jordan will be the first person I contact when I’m ready to find that next stop in my career. ”
-Keith Cotterman – Solutions Architect

“Jordan contacted me regarding an opportunity he was searching to fill. In a very professional and thorough manner, he determined that my background, experience, and skills made me a qualified candidate for this particular role. Jordan expeditiously coordinated my initial, and multiple follow on Interviews with the Client, providing me feedback and insights throughout the entire process. Upon being offered the position, Jordan continued to work through each and every detail to their successful conclusion. I now have a new career with a company I’m very excited about, in large part, as a result of working with Jordan. I would highly recommend that anyone seriously looking for a new IT Sales Position, find a way to connect with Jordan. ”
– Paul Larkin – Sr. Sales Executive

“I’d like to thank Amy very much for assisting me in my new role. You clearly are dedicated to finding the right people for the right job. I also appreciate your excellent communication, professionalism and drive to succeed. I’d also like to thank Rayboy Insider Search, you clearly only employ the best of talent and I’m sure you will enjoy great success in this industry.”
– David Ball – Systems Engineer

“I had the pleasure of working with Amy at Rayboy Insider Search recently and she was by far one of the best recruiters that I have ever worked with. Amy presented a great opportunity to me and she was able to build the relationship, negotiate the terms of employment, and help me getting a great offer. I would highly recommend her.”
– Ali Aslanpour – Network Engineer

“Amy presented me with an opportunity that was a great fit for my skills and experience, though I wasn’t looking at the time.  Her knowledge of the company and position piqued my interest.  She is extremely professional and remained engaged every step of the recruiting process.  Amy is very personable and had a vested interest in my personal success.  I highly recommend Amy to any IT professional seeking their next career move.”
– Ralph Moores – Networking Sales Specialist

“I worked with Amy during my placement with SeaMicro/AMD. Amy was key in building the relationship, negotiating the terms of employment, helping to keep the communications strong and keeping expectations and understanding clear and honest on both sides of the relationship. I would gladly work with Amy again and recommend her highly.”
– Michael Nordberg – Pre-Sales Engineer

“Amy Jackson is a highly skilled and professional recruiter with an affinity for customer service and a warm personal touch. I appreciate her caring and thoughtful approach throughout the recruiting, interviewing, negotiating, and hiring process. Her responsiveness, diligence, and keen focus on addressing customer requirements exemplify her value and recruiting expertise, and it’s apparent why her clients keep coming back for more.”
– Ron de la Cruz – Executive Communications Manager

“Amy and the rest of the Rayboy team were a great resource on my journey for a new career.  They provided me with all of the information I needed and set the proper expectations for me to be successful throughout the process.  In the end it was a perfect match and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.”
– Nick Zambo – Pre-Sales Systems Engineer

“Mark helped me get a great position at SeaMicro/AMD. Extremely thorough and engaged through every step of the process. He made sure he had a deep and detailed understanding of what both I and the employer wanted to accomplish and was tireless to guide both parties to an optimal result. I was working with a recruiter from another company for a competing opportunity and it wasn’t even close – Mark was much more effective and engaged. I would highly recommend him to employers and job seekers.”
– Dave Runyon- Major Account Manager

“Mark, being the only recruiter I ever worked with, gained my trust quickly and simplified my career transition. He was regularly available, and provided expert consultation throughout each step in the hiring process. It was a pleasure to work with him, and I would recommend his services to anyone inquiring.”
– Adam Beer – Regional Sales Manager

“Even though it was my first experience working with Jordan, it felt like I had a personal friend in him. He took time to understand my needs and worked on finding the right fit both from a professional as well as a cultural perspective. It was truly a pleasure working with such a seasoned professional. I would unhesitatingly recommend Jordan to anyone looking for new opportunities in this tough economic market.”
– Deepak Kanwar – Marketing Strategist

“Jordan and Mark were a pleasure to work with over the entire recruiting process. From the first voicemail I received, their professionalism and dedication to ensuring a mutually successful hire was clear. I recommend Rayboy Insider Search without hesitation and look forward to woking with them to build future teams.”
– Matt Edwards – Support Services Director

“I had the pleasure of working with Amy at Rayboy Insider Search over the past month as I have begun my search for a new role. Her communication skills are great. I have had many recruiters drop of the face of the earth and not return calls and emails. Amy is a pro, always prompt, positive, and polite with emails and voice calls whenever they are necessary. She managed the process through multiple interviews with ease. One of the best recruiters I have worked with!”
– Mike Forbes – Sr. vArchitect

“It is a pleasure to work with a professional like Jordan Rayboy. Jordan’s guidance and judgment were key in helping me land my current position, and his timely communication, responsiveness, and ability to keep the ball moving made the process quick and smooth. Highly recommended.”
– Scott McIntyre – Sr. Product Manager

“Amy Jackson is a stand out in the recruiting industry. I had the pleasure of working with her through my recruiting process for my current position.  She demonstrated an extremely positive attitude, delivering prompt follow up and attention to my questions and concerns throughout the entire process. I would eagerly and without hesitation recommend her to colleagues looking for employment or companies looking to recruit top-notch talent.”
– Craig Salvatore – Director, Federal Security

“Mark is one of the best recruiters I’ve had the pleasure to work with. His patience and professionalism was evident as he walked me through every step the interview process. I earnestly recommend Mark and Rayboy Insider Search to anyone looking for a career move.”
– Ersin Duran – Systems Engineer

“Working with Mark has been a real pleasure. His expert mentoring and coaching really helped me to comfortably transition from one job to another. I definitely see myself working with Mark again in the future and would not hesitate in referring friends and co-workers.”
– Christopher Avalos – Systems Engineer

“Many thanks to Jordan Rayboy and team for their professional and personal touch during the recruiting, interviewing, negotiating, and hiring process. Your outstanding service, responsiveness, diligence, and keen focus on addressing customer requirements exemplify your value and recruiting expertise. It’s apparent why your clients keep coming back for more. Great job!”
– Ron de la Cruz – VP, Marketing Communications

“Amy Jackson and her team at Rayboy Insider Search did an excellent job of assisting me with finding a new position and new career.  I am a career IT professional with 20+ years of experience and Mrs. Jackson took the time to get to KNOW me and understand both my career goals and income objectives.  She did not just throw my resume’ out there to see what sticked like some other recruiters will do, she took her time and we eventually found an employer where my skill set fit and I could move forward in my career.  Her patience, organization skills, and diligence made the whole job hunt not as painful.  She worked with me from start to finish, and even followed up with me after I was hired.   You will not find a better recruiting professional than Amy Jackson of Rayboy Insider Search.”
– Mark Beamon – Pre-Sales Systems Engineer

“Dear Jordan, I am truly appreciative of all the effort you put in in placing me at Pivot3. You were unbelievably responsive and attuned to the needs of both the company you represented and me as the candidate. Your honesty and transparency around the process is unique in your space and sets you apart in terms of how a recruiting company should operate. I would recommend you to any company or canidate as key partner to bring new talent into an ogranization. I look forward to working with you in the near future when I look to grow the team. Thank you!”
-Paul Kaeley – VP/GM Services

“It was my pleasure to work with Amy and Jordan at Rayboy Insider Search.  I appreciate the professionalism, courtesy and attention to detail exhibited by all members of the Rayboy team.  The quality of opportunities Rayboy possesses is a direct reflection of their high-caliber customer service and expertise in their business.  Again, thanks to the entire Rayboy team for having that “make it happen” mentality!”
-Michael Brown – Regional Sales Manager

“Amy and Jordan took the time to find me a opportunity which will help my career advancement. They scheduled the interviews, prepared me for the interviews and also did diligent follow-up after the interviews. If you are in the Storage Networking field and looking for a candidate, I would not hesitate to recommend them as a technical recruiter.”
– Dennis Wong – Sr. Sales Engineer

“Amy Jackson was such a pleasure to work with, which I have never found with recruiters. Amy takes the time to understand who you are, what your career goals are, and what you really want to do. I can’t tell you how many times in the past recruiters would send me positions that were completely off base, making it seem like they don’t remember the past five conversations you’ve had together. Amy, on the other hand, builds a relationship with you and by doing that she is able to find opportunities that fit what you want. She does not waste your time just so she can fill another position. Amy understands the positions she is filling, unlike many recruiters who assume all IT people can do any role they are trying to fill. I worked with Amy over the span of about 18 months. Amy followed up periodically to see how things were going in my current role. Towards the later conversations I brought up seeing what else was out there, and within a few weeks she found the PERFECT position for me at Citrix Systems. I started at Citrix four weeks ago, and could not be happier. If I ever decide to get back on the job market Amy will be my first call! Thanks.”
– Scott Cochran – Lead Sales Engineer

“First of all, thank you Amy and Jordan for opening a new opportunity for me. I have never seen any recruiter who is so diligent, organized and prepared. They really paid attention to what I was looking for and guided me through the whole interview process from beginning to the end. I would definitely recommend RayboyIS to anyone who is looking for a career move. Thank you again!”
– Andy Kim – Pre-Sales Engineer

“Thank you so much for all of your and Jordan’s efforts.  I am really impressed at not only the open communication and guidance the both of you provide, but the skills you both have in pairing up your potential candidates with a position that is a great fit for both parties.  I am very excited to grow with my new company and feel that I have been given an extraordinary opportunity.  I have a deep appreciation for you and Jordan for facilitating this business move.”
-Tara Rivers – Government Contracts Manager

“Thanks! I’d really like for this one to be the “last” one — It really bodes well, I think, and I have a wonderful initial “feel” for the cohesiveness and friendliness of the team. Thanks for getting me into the position. I went back to look — you reached me with a random cold call, and had the last project ended a week earlier or later, I would have ignored it;  You are fond of Chinese proverbs: “Good fortune may forebode bad luck, which may in turn disguise good fortune.” Time will tell. But irrespective of outcomes, once again, thanks.”
-Woody Weaver – Master Solutions Architect

“Jordan, I wanted to thank you again for your efforts in helping me land the SolidFire gig. It was a real pleasure working with you and your team, I truly appreciate that you kept me well informed throughout the process and made sure that I was well prepared with all of the information I needed throughout the interview process. You are one of the best recruiters that I have worked with in my career.”
-Ken Face – Principal Systems Engineer

“Jordan, just a quick note of thanks for all your help.  I had a very good experience with Rayboy. It was clear to me that you had detailed knowledge of your customer and their needs.   As such, I was thoroughly prepared for the interview with information about Citrix, the hiring managers and the process.  It was clear to me that you work very hard at what you do.  I would strongly recommend Rayboy to any of my peers. Thanks Jordan for all your help.”
– Will Reistroffer – Corporate Account Manager

“Mark and Jordan were very professional throughout the entire process. I want to thank both of you for all your hard work and support throughout this journey. They provided me with the proper direction and guidance that allowed me to obtain the position that I now enjoy. Thank you RayboyIS for everything you have done!”
-Brian Messer – Federal Account Manager

“I can’t thank Amy and Jordan enough for their efforts in helping me land my new position at HDS. Clear communication, constant feedback and great preparation from Amy & Jordan made the process very smooth and comfortable. They knew what he customer was looking for in a candidate as well as the technology mix involved; most agencies don’t get to that level of detail and understanding. Would absolutely recommend anyone work with RayboyIS when considering a career move. Their follow-up is second-to-none and dedication to making sure both sides fit very much puts you at ease!”
-Jason Linthicum – Federal Account Executive

“Mark, I want to thank you for your professionalism, integrity and persistence in yours and Jordan’s role recruiting me for the Enterprise Relationship Manager position at Citrix Systems. From the start, you made sure I was informed with accurate and timely information. I was very impressed with your level of attention to detail and the follow up you did after every single touch point in the process. You were assertive when appropriate, and listened to me when I asked that you let the process unfold. This represents an important late career move away from a much larger company, and I’m absolutely thrilled with the decision. Your professionalism and support along the way made it a possibility and reduced the risk. Many, many thanks and gratitude.”
-John Gable – Enterprise Relationship Manager

“Mark, I want to thank you for such an outstanding job recruiting me for this position at World Wide Technology. I get calls almost every day from recruiters and I typically thank them for calling but decline any additional discussion. When you first called I could tell immediately that Rayboy and specifically you were very different than the numerous firms out there. I partially attribute my success to my new job at World Wide Technology to you and Jordan. Namely for staying on this opportunity and making sure I was fully prepped for each interview. Your firm is truly the diamond in the ruff.”
-Timothy Ingersoll – 
Technical Architect

“It was truly my pleasure working with Amy and Jordan in my recent career search.  The Rayboy Insider Search team handled the process from start to finish with the utmost professionalism and candor.  I have used recruiting firms in the past, however, I can say my experience with the Rayboy team has been the most positive and successful.   Please feel free to use me as a reference if any new, potential clients would like to talk with me.  Thanks again!”
-Chad Burford – Account Executive

“Mark and Jordan were more than a pleasure to work with! I want to thank you for hard work and attention to detail in my recent employment search.   I felt that you had my best interests in mind and that you personally knew the key contacts to make the hiring process go smoothly and without wasted time.  I appreciate the dedication you’ve shown to the cause of in securing me a position at a very reputable company, and I truly appreciate how hard you’ve worked.  Thank you so much.”
-Paul Hart – Storage Architect

“I sincerely want to thank you for all the hard work and dedication in bringing this opportunity to me. From the very beginning, I felt like Rayboy Insider Search had done their homework and matched everything from my background to my future career goals flawlessly. This has been a positive experience and I would recommend the folks at Rayboy Insider Search! A special thanks to Jordan and Amy for their persistence and advice along the way.  Thanks.”
-Ron Broussard – Technical Architect

“Amy and Jordan were more than a pleasure to work with! They always made me feel comfortable and never pressured me to make a hasty decision. They were with me every step of the way and offered their expert opinions and guidance. I would recommend Rayboy Insider Search to any of my friends looking for a career change. Thanks.”
-Joe Masi – Technical Architect

“Thank for all of your help in my recent move to Pivot3. You and your entire team were fantastic throughout the entire process.  Having been in the storage industry for a number of years, I have used a number of recruiters, but have never had the level of personalized service that RayboyIS consistently delivers.  Your knowledge of our market and the talent in it is unsurpassed.  Thanks for all your help, looking forward to working with you as we build our team going forward!”
-Jeff Hornberger – Federal Systems Engineer

“It has been an extreme pleasure working with both yourself and Jordan.  The entire process from start to finish was the best hiring experience I’ve ever had.  You’re diligence in keeping me informed always made me feel like your top priority and as a result I felt my confidence increase.  I truly believe that you both were the best teammates that I could have had and I thank you very much for helping me land this new job”.
-Brian Williams – Systems Engineer

“Jordan, Thank for all of your help in my recent move to Pivot3, both you and Jeska provided great support.  Having been referred to you by another recruiter speaks volumes to your reputation. The quote was “Jordan is #1 in working with storage professionals and you should reach out to him”. You delivered by having established relationships with key people and companies which brought me to Pivot3. I would have no hesitation recommending you to colleagues of mine and look forward to continuing our relationship. Thanks again and all my best to you and Jeska.”
-Jonathan Kozimor – Director of Strategic Accounts & Business Development

“Jordan, I want to thank you for hard work and attention to detail in my recent employment search. Your ability to find the right position and right company for my skills was impressive. You were able to eliminate wasted time and energy by communicating my abilities to your client in an accurate manner without missing key details. I felt that you had my best interest in mind and that you personally knew the key contacts to make the hiring process go smoothly and without wasted time. Thanks again.”
-David Fasano – Technical Architect

“I was impressed throughout with Jordan’s and Amy’s initiative, thoroughness and follow-up throughout what was a longer than normal hiring process. They identified the opportunity, matched my skill sets, coordinated and negotiated with the employer over a period of months, which entailed dealing with changing job requirements. This I feel is exceptional, and was a crucial part in my successful move. I  would not hesitate to recommend them to others, or to work with them  again in the future.”
-Mike Flanigan – Consulting Systems Engineer

“Jordan and Amy, I want to thank you and your team for the hard work recently on my behalf.  Your approach and professionalism was well received.  You provided me with all the relevant information required to determine if a “next step” was relevant for me, you and your client.  Throughout the entire process I was confident that you had my best interest in mind and were pivotal in working out the fine details.  The energy and passion created a working relationship as if we had been working together for years.  Communication, attention to detail, industry experience and relationships, these are the tools required to get the best possible deal done for all parties and your team exceed expectations.  I appreciate all that you did and will recommend your team to anyone who may ask.  My experience was exceptional.  Again, thank you!”
-Rod Annis – Sales Director

“I just wanted to thank for the highly energetic, professional and positive experience throughout the recruiting process. The level of communication and attention was outstanding, both before and after I accepted my new position. Clearly the service Rayboy Insider Search provides goes above and beyond other recruiters.”
-Mike Voss – Data Center Systems Engineer

“I truly had a great experience working with Jordan and RayboyIS.  Jordan worked extremely hard on my behalf and provided excellent follow up and communication.  He did a outstanding job matching my skill sets with the position and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a change of career.  Having not worked with a recruiter in the past and being skeptical at first, Jordan put my concerns at ease and made me feel that he was working in my best interests.  Thanks for all your hard work! Thank you.”
-Scott Wallace – Sales Director

“I just want to take a moment out to thank you, as I’ve already thanked Jordan individually, for all the attention and dedication you have placed in my camp. You guys have really shown what I’d want to see when I imagine what a recruiter is supposed to be.  You’ve shown dedication to the cause of finding me a job, and I truly appreciate how hard you’ve worked.  Thank you so much.”
-Matthew B. Leib – Sr. Systems Engineer

“I just wanted to say thank you for your diligence in working with myself and my new employer on the excellent position that you presented me. I have worked with other recruiters in the past who seem to drop the ball on too many thing and caused me to really lose faith in recruiters in general. I do have to say that you have helped restore my thoughts in regards to the value of a good recruiter. And if in the future I ever need help with a new position I will definitely keep your information handy. However, I think the position you introduced me to is an AWESOME fit and have no intentions of leaving. AGAIN THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK!”
-Edward Hodges – Storage Architect

“It has been a truly great experience working with Amy and Jordan from RayboyIS.  I felt like their most important client and that they always had my best interests in mind.  I have referred other colleagues to them and I will continue to do so.  I am excited about the new position and opportunity that they found for me.  If I find myself looking for other opportunities,  Rayboy Insider Search will be my first stop.”
-Corey Warrington – Systems Engineer

“I felt like I was the hiring company. Continuous follow-up, eye for detail and ensuring that I was completely satisfied with the end result. Yes! I am. Amy and Jordan are an excellent team to work with and I will not hesitate to recommend them to any of my acquaintances. RayboyIS knows its companies and positions well and are directly connected to key people. Again, highly recommended, very satisfied with the end result.”
-Frank Van Berkumm – Technical Architect

“Amy and Jordan were a pleasure to work with! Professional and punctual, patient and personable, they understood my capabilities and wants, and did an excellent job matching my skill set to open positions.  In fact, they went the extra mile and discussed available options that I may not have investigated on my own.  Thank you for opening my eyes; I love my new career!”
-Leon Hodge – Systems Engineer

“I recently worked with Amy and Jordan from Rayboy Insider Search and the team was fantastic. The entire process was a pleasure because they were there every step of the way and made the transition to a new role as smooth as possible. The follow up and follow through was exceptional throughout the entire process. Both Jordan and Amy understood exactly what I was looking for in a career move and only provided me with opportunities that matched my goals. This laser focus kept me from wasting my time with opportunities that were not a match. Their fantastic network, client relationships, and attention to detail helped me land the perfect job.

After having worked with other recruiters in the past, I can honestly say none were as thorough and attentive as the Rayboy team. If you are looking for a new role in this market, this team will definitely help you out. I was able to shave a few years off my career development goals and I’m sure this team can help you do the same.”
-Patrick McCabe – Federal Systems Engineer

“I had a very positive experience working with Jordan and Amy.  They were accurate in matching my skill set with appropriate opportunities, and were professional and communicative throughout the process.  They are astute negotiators when comes to brokering a mutually beneficial match for both the client and the candidate.  I recommend them without hesitation.”
-Jason Guibert – Virtualization Architect

“I want to thank you for your hard work and professionalism that contributed to my move to Citrix as the next step in my career.  Your insight into Citrix and the their position in a growing market opened my eyes to an opportunity I was not excited about at first glance.  During the interview process, I appreciated your solid follow-up and understanding of the hiring process which unfolded exactly as you described.  Thanks again.”
-Tom Shaw – Enterprise Relationship Manager

“If you’re looking to take the next step in your technology career Amy Jackson at Rayboy Insider Search is your answer.  Amy’s relationships were key to my success during the entire process. She was an absolute pleasure to work with during the search and selection process and was always available and accessible.  She’s honest, courteous and dependable which are 3 characteristics you want when working with a firm to enhance your career.  Thank you Amy!”
Rodney Tafuro – Technical Architect

“I just wanted to follow-up and say thank you for all your efforts placing me at Avocent. I am thrilled to be a part of Avocent and look forward to great success. The RayboyIS team were tremendous to work with, without a doubt the best recruiters I have ever worked with. The following summarizes my experience working with you and your team.

Jordan Rayboy and the entire RayboyIS team is an incredible group of recruiting professionals. I had the opportunity to work with Jordan, Amy, and Christina. This team is unique in several ways.  First and foremost is communication. They over communicate, assume nothing, and ensure there is a match with the candidate and the opportunity. The RayboyIS team always made it point to brief me on who I would be interviewing with and always closed the loop with a post interview discussion. Whenever the RayboyIS team contacted me they had updates on the progress of the interview process, working towards advancing the discussions forward, and not wasting anyone’s time. The other attribute of the RayboyIS team is focus, they focus on information storage and know the industry well. That industry knowledge made me feel like they were consulting me on what is best for my career versus just placing me in a position. I fully endorse Jordan Rayboy and his team. Thank you.”
-Doug Miller – Account Executive

“My experience working with the RayboyIS team was exceptional.  Communication was concise, yet comprehensive and the opportunities presented to me were of high-quality and finely tuned to my goals and experience.  Their ability to liaise between me and the hiring company clearly indicated their expertise and reputation in this arena.”
-Susan Palmer – Account Executive

“Thank you for my great job at Xiotech!  You and your team did a great job guiding me through the interviewing process and eventually placing me in a wonderful position.  Feel free to use me as a reference anytime!  Thank you!”
-Kim Hamilton – Account Executive

“Amy, thank you for everything you have helped me with during the interview process and the professional approach on finding me my dream job with BMC Software. The company continues to impress me on the level of detail that is contained with the on-boarding process, everything is set-up and very organized. Everything is going great. Your attention to detail and understanding of the organizations you represent has helped me in getting a position that matches my background 110%. Awesome job – thank you so much for everything you have done all along the hiring process. Thank you.”
-Keith Waldrup – SLED Account Manager

“I want to express my appreciation to you and your staff. You contacted me numerous times throughout the past years but the timing was never right for me to make a change. When you contacted me this past month the timing was not only good it was ideal. Every step of the way you helped me with the process. I especially appreciate your insight into the customer and helping me focus and prepare for the interviews. Again thanks. I am real excited about the new job and appreciate your part in helping me obtain it.”
-Douglas Savchenko – Account Executive

“Amy and Jordan are some of the best recruiters I have ever worked with. They are very well organized and follow up on every step of the interview process. They keep all of the parties well informed. Amy is extremely proactive and responsive. She would respond and write back regardless of the time of the day. In addition, the coaching they provide is really very important. Amy works very hard to find the best candidate fit. They are both very helpful and I wish them all the best.”
-Tarun Raisoni – Sales Engineer

“Hi Amy,  Thank you. I am really enjoying BMC.  I see huge potential and am very impressed with the process and enablement that they have.  I am also really impressed with and enjoy working for Matt.  Thank you for finding me this fantastic position.  Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!”

“Rayboy Insider Search is the benchmark.  Amy and Jordan get it.  They understand their client’s desired candidate, have a deep understanding of the industry, and they take the time to understand their candidate’s qualifications and desires.  They matched me with exactly what I was looking for in both company and position and then provided their in depth knowledge to proactively coach me through the process.  Thank you!”
-Dan Kasabian – Federal Account Executive

“Amy exceeded my expectations – she worked with me in every step of the process, provided helpful suggestions and insight, and was very proactive and responsive. She also kept me informed of the status regularly throughout the process. Working with Amy has been an excellent experience!”
-Derek Chin – Systems Engineer

“I would like to thank Amy and Jordan for their diligence, follow-up and most importantly their coaching with best practice interview methods. Amy provided necessary background information for each of the managers with whom I was scheduled to speak. Furthermore, she scheduled each interview and followed up before and AFTER each call with feedback and advice. These efforts culminated with the acceptance into my current organization.”
-Jay Mahanti – Account Executive

“I’d like to thank Amy Jackson for her diligence in helping me find what I consider to be a tailor made position with a fantastic market leading company. This was the first time I’d ever worked with a recruiter and Amy made the process absolutely pain free. Amy has an incredible attention to detail and a nack for thinking ahead which was extremely helpful and advantageous for me. I’m very grateful that she approached me with this opportunity and even though I was not looking for a new position when she called, I’m very glad that I listened to her. Thank you very much!”
-Rick Perez – Systems Engineer

“Amy, I wanted thank you for your assistance in helping me land my current role. You took the time to understand my situation and was able to find a great fit for me. Your advice, hard work, and dedication was greatly appreciated. Thanks.”
-Mark Anderson – Systems Engineer

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Jordan for roughly 10 years. He has always been the consummate professional. Two things distinguish his approach: 1. He truly understands his market, client needs and prospective candidates. 2. He does NOT waste my time with inappropriate candidates or opportunities. I would highly recommend him whether looking to fill positions or find your next career step.”
-Scott Gornall – Global Account Manager

“Thanks for everything. Working with you has been a pleasure for not only me, but my family. I appreciate your efforts to get to know my personal and professional situation as you presented opportunities. You did not waste time in presenting opportunities during the wrong intervals nor did you present opportunities you knew did not match. In addition, you were consistent, professional and knowledgeable each step in the process. Your assistance with preparation and follow up through to discussions and negotiations was invaluable.

Again, it was a pleasure working with you and I would recommend your service to my closest colleagues.”
-Lou Jonske – DOD Account Executive

“Wes helped me find a career and company that fit my goals and objectives, and connected me with a management team that matches my personality. When going through the Interviewing process, things can be tricky, Wes talked me through those times, leveraged his team and experience to smooth the bumpy road, and in the end helped me negotiate a favorable contract. I was glad Wes reached out to me that day, and even happier now! Thanks Wes, thanks Team Rayboy!”
-Jennifer Faulkner – Corporate Account Manager