Firms that consistently draw top level talent understand that hiring is a courtship. You are trying to sell yourself to the candidate, just as much as they are trying to sell themselves to you. This is especially true if you want to attract highly talented and successful candidates who are already employed. Here are some tips to improve your hiring process and make sure you are set up to land top talent in data storage and infrastructure.

An Attractive Opportunity

If you are looking for top talent, first start with creating a job proposal that is tempting enough to attract top-level players. You need to get clear about what you have to offer that would lure a great employee away from their current position. Candidates should be qualified with the right skillset, and cultural match, but also based on potential compensation and timing of their availability to start. If there is a critical need, the timeframe must be met and established early. Working with an executive search firm that specializes in the data storage and infrastructure industry can streamline and expedite this process. They can also provide insight about where else the candidate might be interviewing, what stage they are in the process, and how the company’s opportunity stack ranks compared to potential competitors.

The Importance of Speed

When you find a strong candidate you are interested in, don’t drag your feet. As we like to say, “Candidates are like a head of lettuce, they have a limited shelf life.” You need to keep the process moving forward by engaging the candidate and making sure mutual interest is high. Be sure to communicate feedback and potential next steps to the candidate quickly. Executive recruiters are experts at pouring gas on the fire and creating a sense of urgency. This urgency keeps you from losing out on great talent.

Final Steps: Closing the Deal

Once you narrow in on a single candidate, you need to strike while the iron is hot. The old addage “Time kills all deals” could not be any more true than when getting a candidate to the offer stage. The first step is making sure the candidate truly wants the job, and that their motivation to change is about more than just money. Then the client and candidate must come to a compensation agreement. Recruiters pre-close the candidate throughout the entire process – sniffing out potential red flags so the deal closes smoothly. They cover the counteroffer issue early and often to minimize the risk of losing a candidate at the goal line.

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