“RayboyIS our go-to talent acquisition team for important roles to fill.”

“Jordan: Just a short note of thanks for all of the hard work and commitment you provided to my team in the last 6 months. Understanding timelines, it was a very difficult task in identifying qualified candidates for me to consider. I was a bit amazed when you were able to present so many great people during federal buying season.. The majority were skilled and tenured in Cyber as well as their experience in selling to the federal government. I give you exceptionally high marks when reviewing the quality of your candidates. As a result of your efforts, I now have two new Sales Reps joining Axonius, with one on-board as of this am. In today’s Tech market, you are a resource that can make the difference between success and failure for a hiring manager. I will miss our by-daily discussions as I close this sales year. However, I am working on additional headcount and you will be back on the hunt for me near term, so please keep me in mind. Let’s also not forget Wes and the other members of your team. Please extend my thanks to them. Let them know that your team will be out front again, as soon as I have things nailed up for 2021 and that I look forward to our work together.”

Bobby Mclernon, VP of Federal Sales, Axonius

“We were thoroughly impressed with the speed, caliber and quantity of resumes that Rayboy was able to source for our search. We thought that this was going to be a long and difficult search given the very special skills and location presented by the job spec. Within no time we had many top quality prospects to interview and the job was filled very quickly. We were delighted with the quality of the engagement we had with Rayboy and will definitely use them on future searches.”

Olivier Thierry, Chief Marketing Officer, Pivot 3

“Jordan, I have been in the hi-tech industry for over 25 years. Over the past 6 weeks since I began working with you, this has been the best experience working with a recruiter I have ever had. You and your team’s ability to find the right candidates has been nothing short of phenomenal. The 2 recent hires we have made through your firm were extremely difficult (one of them, we had been searching for the better part of a year). I would have no problem being a reference for you and letting other hiring managers know about you and your team’s capabilities.”

Warren Bell, Vice President of Sales, SwiftTest

“Jordan and his team has placed over twenty Sales, Pre Sales, Marketing and executive management personnel with me over the past 5 years and 2 companies. I have always felt we received great value for the fees charged and the talent Jordan comes up with continues to surprise us. I will continue to work with Jordan wherever my travels take me.”

Bob Fernander, CEO, Gnodal

“Rayboy Insider Search is the best recruiting company I have worked with. They are making a great effort to understand the requirements and find a candidate that we need rather than the one they have a available. Jordan and his team are very thorough in following up and getting feedback every step of the recruiting process. Thanks to Jordan we hired a new valuable member of our team.”

Mike Bello, Sr. Director, Professional Services and Applications

“Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed working with the whole Rayboy team. The portfolio of extremely qualified candidates you provided NextIO was outstanding! I really appreciate your “let’s get this done” attitude and professionalism. I would be happy to act as a reference for any client or potential candidate in the future. Also, looking forward to working with Rayboy team on the next project as we grow our company/organization. Thanks again!”

Brooks Ivey, VP of North American Sales, Nextio

“I’ve worked with Amy for over 5 years now, and I’m always amazed at the quality of the work she does! Professional, thorough, detailed, responsive, and communicative are all characteristics that describe her. I can always depend on her to find high quality candidates when I really need them. She’s an excellent listener, she knows what I’m looking for, and she never wastes my time. Once I begin the interviewing process with one of her candidates, I never worry because she takes care of everything…… schedules the interview, communicates with the candidate, calls him after the interview to get his feedback, and then follows up with me. After working with her for so long, I can’t imagine doing it any other way!”

Don Parkhurst – SE Director

“Jordan, I wanted to say thank you for all the great support you have been giving in finding top talent for my organization. The first quarter of operations for my services business exceeded all targets and I attribute this to the team members you have brought to Pivot3. You definitely have an eye for good talent. Thanks.”

Paul Kaeley, VP/GM Global Services, Pivot3

“Jordan and his team provided outstanding executive recruiting services that led to a great outcome in our recent search for a VP, Services, a newly created and critically important role at Pivot3. Jordan brought forward a very solid set of candidates and assisted tirelessly throughout the interview, vetting, reference checking, selection, negotiation and on-boarding processes. I recommend Jordan, his team, and their services with great enthusiasm.”

Richard Bravman, President and CEO, Pivot3

“Time is money and filling critical sales positions with highly qualifies candidates can be an arduous task.

The team at Rayboy Insider Research provided top quality candidates that were screened to my specifications. Attention to detail was a welcomed surprise: scheduling meetings and logistics, interview debriefs, candidate follow up, coordination with HR, etc.

We were able to close on a top candidate in approximately 4 weeks and we are well positioned to accelerate revenue in early 2017. I look forward to working with RayboyIS for my future hiring needs.”

Ted Donnelly, Regional Sales Manager, IBM Cloud Object Storage

“Time is money and filling critical sales positions with highly qualifies candidates can be an arduous task.

The team at Rayboy Insider Research provided top quality candidates that were screened to my specifications. Attention to detail was a welcomed surprise: scheduling meetings and logistics, interview debriefs, candidate follow up, coordination with HR, etc.

We were able to close on a top candidate in approximately 4 weeks and we are well positioned to accelerate revenue in early 2017. I look forward to working with RayboyIS for my future hiring needs.”

Ted Donnelly, Regional Sales Manager, IBM Cloud Object Storage

“I have used Rayboy Insider Search services several time now with two different companies. Jordan and team have provided top quality candidates and have helped fill several key sales positions throughout the United States. Jordan and team are highly professional and thorough in their follow-up. I will use Jordan and team again in the future and would highly recommend Rayboy Insider Search to anyone looking to fill a key sales position.”

John Fauteux, VP of Worldwide Sales, Server Technology

“As a hiring manager, I have had the opportunity to work with Rayboy IS for more than a decade. I get bombarded every week with calls from recruiters and headhunters but when you find one that works you stick with him. Jordan is that guy. Consistently providing top quality candidates whenever I need it and reducing the likelihood (and high expense) of a mis-fire on a new hire. Rayboy and crew have my highest endorsement.”

Mark Glasgow, VP-WW Sales, Solidfire

“Jordan and the team at Rayboy Insider Search are great extended members of my team and have been key in helping our sales organization grow. We have hired our last two sales positions thorough Rayboy and the quality of candidates presented have been first class. In difficult to fill positions where we have had multiple recruiters engaged, Jordan has been able to present multiple qualified candidates where others failed to produce any. I recommend Jordan, Amy and the rest of the Rayboy team to anyone looking to fill a sales position with a top quality candidate.”

David Smith, Director of SLG Sales, Citrix Systems

“Dave is working out great thus far, very eager to make an immediate impact and very high activity. He’s going to do very well at Citrix. Thanks for your efforts!”

Mike Hirsch, Director Enterprise Sales, South East, Citrix

“Looking for good people or making a change in your career? Mark is one of the rare recruiters in IT that actually spends the time to understand his candidates qualifications and the appropriate alignment to an organization. With his help, I have been fortunate enough to make quality hires for our team as well as gain valuable insight on individuals backgrounds, and strengths. His efforts have been excellent in my experience!”

Wayne Lewandowski, AVP, Defense Agencies, Vormetric, Inc.

“Thanks again for the display and representation of true partnership – greatly appreciated and demonstrates your commitment to the partnership.”

Mark Koener – Manager, Talent Acquisition, Americas, Hitachi Data Systems

“Jordan and team are skilled professionals at finding the right people for the right role. I recently was able to work with Jordan when looking to find the perfect fit for a difficult geography. Jordan was able to come up with not only one candidate but three, one of which I recently hired on. Professionalism and persistence were qualities I needed and received from Rayboy Insider Search to find and hire the right person.”

Rob Ortlieb – Mobility SE Manager, Citrix

“Bryan is a great hire. So happy to have him on the team. Looking forward to his contributions this year.”

Michael Cadle -VP, WorldWide Sales

“You can certainly see the references from other Citrites below but speaking from personal experience Jordan Rayboy definitely ranks at the top of my external recruiter list. For starters, Jordan and team are very aggressive and have brought some great talent to us. He has helped me fill my last two hires. Both are turning out to be great additions to the team. Please make a point to reach out to him for any sales or SE openings you have. He won’t disappoint.”

Sam Spence, Regional Networking SE Manager, Citrix Systems, Inc.

“Thanks for all your help in closing this great candidate.”

Ty Towse, Practice Development Director, Citrix Consulting- Citrix Systems, Inc.

“Jordan Rayboy and team did an outstanding job identifying and helping us close the right candidates for our critical hires. They have become our go to talent acquisition team when we have important roles to fill.”

Pete Yamasaki, Director of Product Mgmt, Data Center Server Solutions, AMD

“I have worked with Jordan Rayboy and his team on my last two open Networking Sales Specialist positions in Alabama and North Florida. Jordan found out exactly what I was looking for and brought excellent candidates to the table. He helped me expedite the hiring process by coordinating interviews and setting candidates expectations ahead of time. I would recommend the Rayboy search firm to any sales manager looking for quality candidates. I look forward to working with Jordan and his team in the future.”

Brian Parker, Regional Director, Networking Sales, Citrix Systems, Inc.

“This was a challenging hire with the geographical restriction and technical skills required. I have very high confidence in our selected candidate, so big kudos to you and your team. Thank you for the professionalism, focus and delivery!”

Brian Wilson, VP of Client Services, Zenoss

“Wow! Rayboy Insider Search has not only just provided me with the right candidate, but a “full boat” of related services. Their team efficiently gathered the requirements and desires, went out and found candidates, screened them, presented them professionally, assisted with interview scheduling, assisted with offer negotiations, and even follow-up with the new hire. Professionally persistent and effective.”

Walt Johnson, Director Management Information Systems, Pivot3

“Jordan- I wanted to send you a quick note thanking you and your team for the professionalism, support, and patience you showed throughout the AE candidate search, selection, and execution process. I always felt the team was in tune with our needs and communicated effectively throughout the engagement resulting in our ability to hire an account executive that fits our profile and needs. I will recommend you and your firm to not only my business associates but friends as well without hesitation.”

Stephen Spressert, Director of Sales, Datalink

“Jordan Rayboy Insider Search was instrumental in discovering a model candidate. We had some challenges maneuvering a very politically charged situation around the candidate. The candidate had offer letters on the table from multiple companies. I was able to trust Jordan’s open and honest communication to help navigate through this delicate situation. Without Jordan’s assistance we could still be searching today.”

José Michael Padin, Federal SE Manager, Citrix Systems, Inc.

“I have worked with Jordan Rayboy and his recruiting team for over a decade, and they have always done an outstanding job helping me recruit top talent into my organization. From bringing us great candidates, to helping streamline the hiring process, and eventually closing on our selected finalist, Rayboy is the go-to partner I depend on for all of my critical staffing needs.”

Bob Merkert, Federal Sales Manager, Hitachi Data Systems

“Rayboy Insider Search was great! Jordan and his team provided me with viable candidates, and they were very timely in their follow-up. Overall, it was a real pleasure to deal with them. I would definitely use them again.”

Patrick Stevenson, Manager, Systems Engineering, U.S. Public Sector, Citrix Systems, Inc.

“I have worked with Jordan Rayboy and RayboyIS for over 5 years. During that time RayboyIS has consistently provided outstanding candidates to build our organization. We could not have achieved the success we have without the assistance from RayboyIS and the candidates who are now our employees.”

Mike Tanner, Federal Vice President, Hitachi Data Systems

“The entire team at RayboyIS has been phenomenal at finding the right candidates for us. The team at RayboyIS is tenacious in finding candidates that will impress you in every way. The help and support we’ve received from RayboyIS has saved countless hours and much frustration sifting through piles of resumes, one call a few questions and the qualified candidates that meet or exceed your requests start pouring in. Thanks for making our jobs easier!”

Jat Treadwell, Mgr of Customer Service and Support Engineering, Pivot3

“RayboyIS has done an excellent job of putting on target, qualified candidates in front of us. Finding the right people, with the right credentials and skills, and closing them quickly, allows us to spend time on our business . not reading resumes.”

George Scholhamer, VP of Sales Engineering, Pivot3

“Thanks for the help and assistance in our search for a TA in the FedWest region. We are really excited and pleased with the candidate we hired. I’ll be calling you again when we have another opening.”

Jon Kelly, Technical Architect, World Wide Technology

“When engaging Rayboy Insider Search, you can rest easy knowing your needs for those roles are being aggressively pursued. They always seem to find very qualified resources that meet or exceed the expectations as listed. Speeding our time to market with proper aligned resources, has been an easy return on our investment.”

Scott Miller, Director of Business Development for Virtualization, World Wide Technology

“Jordan- Well done. Thanks for all your help filling our first open slot…more to come.”

Kevin Murphy, CEO, IronBrick

“I just wanted to thank you for all your help in the last few months filling our open headcount at Pivot3 in the same outstanding way you’ve helped me over the last ten years. Your consistency in quickly bringing outstanding candidates to newly open positions is what has always prompted me to make you my first call. I was most impressed that you were able to take those skills out of the IT market and apply them to the security and video surveillance market. Thanks for being an outstanding business partner over the years.”

Curt Wittich, VP of World Wide Sales, Pivot3

“I recently used Rayboy Insider Search to fill a strategic sales position in my Region. Jordan and team took the time to understand my requirements and the attributes I was looking for in the perfect candidate. They worked quickly to schedule a pipeline of qualified candidates which resulted in a great hire for the position. I would recommend Rayboy Insider Search to any sales leader who is looking to hire quality talent.”

Derek Baden, Regional Sales Director, Citrix Systems, Inc.

“I’ve worked with Jordan Rayboy’s firm in the past. I’ve found him, and his team, to be extremely responsive and very professional. I was able to successfully hire an ERM in Atlanta as a result of his firm’s efforts. I would utilize Jordan Rayboy in the future.”

Scott Henderson, Area Vice President, Citrix Systems, Inc.

“After months of searching for the right candidates for my open positions, we asked Rayboy Insider Search to find candidates. Within less than a week, I had 4 viable candidates for my open Reqs. Jordan and Amy were very professional and easy to work with. They handled the scheduling of the candidates and consistently kept me in the loop as to the status of each. I look forward to working with them again.”

Larry Sweeney, Area Sales Director, Citrix Systems, Inc.

“Thanks for your continued support and help finding great candidates. Our space is unique and you seem to know where to find the right talent. ”

Laura Larson, Director of Sales & BD-Federal Systems Integrators, Citrix Systems, Inc.

“I have worked with Jordan Rayboy on multiple search during 2010. Jordan has always proven to be professional and was able to get good candidates for my open positions. Jordan has been responsive to my calls and inquires. I have found Rayboy Insider Search to be a value in my searches. Feel free to contact me about my experiences with Rayboy Insider Search.”

Peter Collins, SE Manager, Citrix Systems, Inc.

“Our candidate is doing very well so far. He has really shown himself to be hungry and willing to work hard. I am very pleased. Thanks for all of your help.”

Scott Stanney, Manager, Systems Engineering, Silver Peak Systems

“Jordan, I wanted to thank you for your teams effort in our recent search for a sales rep in Federal. You are one of the most professional and responsive recruiters I have worked with in years. I was impressed with the high level of quality candidates that were presented along with the speed of assembling the candidates. Clearly you understand the specific needs of the Federal space and I look forward to working with you in the future.”

Andy Kowal, RSM, Federal Systems Integrators, Brocade

“I am responsible for building a world class Federal Business Development and Capture Team. Rayboy Insider Search has been an incredible addition to my recruiting efforts. I could not be more pleased with the quality of the candidates they have presented and the performance of those candidates I have hired. I look no further for candidates than what Jordan brings me. I have brought his team into close confidence with our highest priority projects and he has consistently delivered. I would recommend him and his team to anyone.”

Craig Corbin, Federal Strategic Programs Director, World Wide Technology

“It has been quite a pleasure having Matt as a part of my team here at World Wide Technology. He’s been extremely well accepted by every individual that he’s come in contact with, and has already over-delivered on all aspects of his performance. Matt’s ability to take nearly any material, study it, organize it, and communicate in such a way nearly anyone can understand it is a true asset to WWT. Great to have him here!!!!!!!”

Jason Campagna, Virtualization Practice Director, World Wide Technology

“I just wanted to pass on a note of appreciation regarding our recent hiring of Rodney Tafuro. It is obvious you take the qualification demands for our new hires serious. Rodney exemplifies the top of high end talent we are looking for and your diligence in not only pursuing this resource but taking the time to learn our business to make it more attractive for candidates to consider WWT is a difference maker. In addition, I don’t want to overlook the value of “ushering” both the candidate and WWT through a successful process of interviewing, negotiating earnings and finalizing a win-win hiring result. We value your firm as a trusted partner in WWT’s on-going demands for growth for its continued success.”

Matt Horner, VP, Professional Services & Market Development, World Wide Technology

“Rayboy Insider Search (Jordan and Amy) was a great organization to work with on my recent opening. They continually found A-rated talent and listened well to what I was looking for in the individual. Can’t say enough about the experience.”

Tony Berg, Director, Data Center Practice, World Wide Technology

“I have been working closely with Jordan Rayboy for the past 18 months and a number of his candidates have been hired by our Public Sector sales organization. I enjoy working with Jordan because he consistently finds A players, prequalifies candidates against my expected profile, and is very effective in articulating the opportunity to candidates before they walk into my office. This combination results in a motivated candidate that’s spent time doing their homework on the company & opportunity and interested in learning more about the organizational fit and potential to maximize their W-2.”

Craig Mueller, Regional Manager, Department of Defense Sales, BMC Software

“Jordan did a great job finding very high quality candidates in a very short time. His attention to detail also helped move the hiring process along and kept everyone informed and on track. It was a really positive experience and I look forward to working with him again.”

Gordon Frank, Sales Manager, F5 Networks

“Follow up after the interview is an outstanding trait of Jordan’s and one that clearly differentiates himself from other recruiters. Within a matter of minutes after an interview, I can normally expect a phone call from him to de-brief the interview. His organizational skills are excellent, and he always has a handle on all the candidates.Amy Jackson is the “silent partner” on the RayboyIS team. She works behind the scenes to make sure the interviews go smoothly. She briefs the candidate on the position, the company, and even the individual they will be interviewing with. She is extremely responsive and accommodating to my requests for resumes, schedule changes, and references. Her execution is outstanding!”

Donald Parkhurst, SE Director, North America, Avocent Corporation

“I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for the outstanding work you’ve done for us. Your ability to find numerous candidates in such a short amount of time is invaluable. More impressive is the fact that you’re able to find such talented candidates. Working with a recruiting firm that understands the business and has the ability to quickly grasp exactly what we’re looking for saves us so much time. Thank you and I look forward to working with you in the future!”

Christopher Black, Director of Federal Solutions Engineering, World Wide Technology

“I am very pleased with the results I’ve had working with Jordan at Rayboy Insider Search. Jordan and his team did an outstanding job finding high quality candidates in a very short time period. I look forward to working with Jordan and his team going forward.”

Ben McGucken, Sr. SE Manager, Brocade

“I am very pleased with the results I’ve had working with Jordan at Rayboy Insider Search. Jordan and his team did an outstanding job finding high quality candidates in a very short time period. I look forward to working with Jordan and his team going forward.”

Ben McGucken, Sr. SE Manager, Brocade

“As a client, Jordan consistently locates and coaches top tier candidates for us. He keeps our searches in the utmost of confidence, and his team is perceived as a business partner of BMC Federal. Jordan Rayboy carries my strongest endorsement.”

Matt Hartley, Federal Regional Sales Manager, BMC Software

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with a number of recruiters in my career. Jordan and the team at Rayboy Insider Search are some of the best I’ve worked with. They were patient, persistent, delivered good candidates and didn’t waste my time. They communicated very well, managed the candidate interview process very well and made the experience as easy for me as they could. I highly recommend them!”

Kevin Campbell, Director of Engineering, Datalink

“I just wanted to thank you for you and your team’s efforts around our recent Sales Rep and Sales Engineer hires. My team reported that you were far and away the most responsive recruiters they have seen in a while, but more importantly, they were very impressed with the quality of candidates brought to the table. Given that we had both internal and (other) external recruiters working to secure candidates for these last 2 positions, I think it speaks volumes that both final hires came from you. We appreciate your efforts and dedication to customer service and look forward to working with you on future hires.”

Al Crews, Vice President, Americas Branded Sales, Avocent

“In the current economic environment job openings have taken on a new importance. When positions open up it is extremely important to fill them as quickly as possible before the window of opportunity closes. Unfortunately this environment has also created a surplus of candidates but the ability to sift through and identify the best candidates can be difficult and time consuming. Jordan Rayboy has proved very adept at navigating through this new environment. He helped us identify, qualify and close two candidates for critical openings we had on our Federal team. Jordan spent time understanding the requirements for the positions and was able to quickly assemble a list of qualified candidates which streamlined the process, saving us time and money. The quality of candidates delivered by Jordan and the speed at which he moves sets him apart from other recruiters I have worked with.”

David Crafton, Director of Sales, Government & System Integrators, Avocent

“I want to thank you for your help in filling our mid-Atlantic sales position recently. You found a textbook profile candidate, and although it’s always challenging to land the “not-in-play ‘A’ player,” you managed to get him interested, and KEEP him in the game for us all the way through the recruiting and hiring process. He’s a great addition to the team, and I really appreciate that you were able to help us get such a talented sales professional. I look forward to working with you to land more just like him in the future!”

Mark Roberts, Area Director, State & Local Sales, BMC Software

“Recruiting is one of the most important jobs as a manager at BMC and key to my success. I need recruiters who ‘get it’ on delivering candidates who I know will make me successful. Jordan, you hit the mark over and over again with the ‘right’ candidates for BMC. You are making one of my most important jobs easy. I just turn to you. Thanks for the great work and I look forward to a long relationship.”

Doug Lingenfelter, Federal Civilian Regional Sales Manager, BMC Software

“Rayboy Insider Search recruiting defines the true value and definition of recruitment. Since they take the time to listen about the positions, learn the company/culture, understand the hiring manager, they consistently and effectively match quality candidates. As a hiring manager, I can trust they are spending the cycles to qualify the right candidates and not waste my time. Too many recruiters simply provide resumes and feel they’ve done their job. Not with Rayboy Insider Search – they take ownership during the entire hiring process and become an extension of the hiring manager. You only need one recruiting firm when working with Rayboy Insider Search.”

Deb Higgins, Federal Sales Manager, Vizioncore

“Jordan Rayboy and his associates are the most professional “recruiting consultants” I have worked with in over 25 years. They consistently deliver the highest quality candidates – in sales, pre-sales and sales management – candidates that are the best matches – for the requirement, the profile and criteria you provide them. They are driven to find the right people. They focus on you and they listen to and understand what you need.

They are connected – they know the market, the key players, and the top performers. They have done the necessary research and are prepared when an opportunity arises – so they are able to recruit many very successful people who are not “already on the street”.

Jordan Rayboy is a great example of “preparation meeting opportunity”. Over a 2-3 year period, he assisted the Americas management team, for a leading enterprise storage company, in filling almost every sales, pre-sales and solution architect position. It is a pleasure to work with Jordan and his team – they will deliver the best available people to your organizations.”

Walker Smith, Sr. Director, Federal Sales, Hitachi Data Systems

“I first started working with Jordan Rayboy and his team in 2000. Over the years, he has proven to be the best recruiter that I’ve ever worked with. He brings a high sense of urgency that moves a hiring process along quickly. He has helped me build strong OEM sales and application engineering teams over the years that have become top performers in my organization. Jordan understands my business and I know I can always count on him to get the job done.”

Tom Everett, Vice President-OEM Sales, Neterion

“I am a Sales Director in the storage industry. In this capacity I have worked with Jordan Rayboy as a candidate and as a hiring manager. As a candidate, Jordan did an excellent job of understanding the type of position and company where I would be the best fit. He very accurately represented the situation that I was interviewing for and then counseled me through the process. As a hiring manager, Jordan spent the appropriate amount of time understanding the hiring process and the profile of the desired candidates. With his extensive network, he was able to locate quality candidates in multiple cities in the US and Canada. Working with Jordan I will be able to build a high quality team in North America in a very short time.”

William M. Downer, Jr., Director, Strategic Channel Sales, Quantum

“Jordan Rayboy and his team have been an outstanding resource when it comes to recruiting top talent in the Storage Industry. They are a passionate group well qualified at finding dynamic individuals quickly. The Rayboy IS team saves me a bunch of time by pre qualifying and bringing forward “top notch” candidates.”

Jay McGloin, District Manager , Hitachi Data Systems

“I wanted to thank you for your help over the past 8 years. During this time frame, your organization has helped me find outstanding candidates in the Federal Storage market. You have also helped me in my personal search, find an outstanding Senior Sales Management position that matched my qualifications. I would recommend your group to any of my colleagues in the high technology market.”

Don Moran, Sr. Director, Federal Sales , Pillar Data

“Thanks for a job well done! By far this was the best group of candidates I had seen for a position of this kind, and you both were superior in coordinating with the candidates and with follow-up. We look forward to great things with our newly hired candidate, and are extremely pleased with how the entire process worked out. Please pat yourselves (and each other) on the back. This is the way industry gets things done!”

Derek Rose, Federal District Manager, Quantum