Proven Search Process


To ensure your search is successfully filled with an A-player in a timely manner, we utilize a proven 18-step search process:

Step 1 Needs analysis

– Determine qualifications client seeks

– Understand compensation package-Determine if competitive

– Target companies and candidates

– Agree on efficient and effective hiring process

– Understand expectations and critical success factors of position

Step 2 Determine how to present opportunity
– Strategize how to get the best candidates excited by opportunity
Step 3 Agree on search terms
– Create a mutually acceptable and beneficial agreement for the search
Step 4

Research companies and candidates
– Identify companies with viable candidates & discuss with client 

Step 5 Candidate Acquisition Process

– Develop live and voicemail presentation
– Cold call target companies and identify potential candidates performing similar job responsibilities
– Predatory source from competitors, finding passive candidates that are not actively looking or even considering a job change
– Engage candidates and develop relationships to gain trust
– In-depth candidate interview- Understand candidate’s background, accomplishments, personality, motivation for change (MFC), and goals for their career
– Assess if background is qualified for the job, and more importantly if personality is a cultural fit with the client company and hiring manager
– If candidate is a good fit for the position, confirm their interest in exploring. Align the opportunity as a way to help them achieve their goals, as well as how it alleviates what they are unsatisfied with in their current position 

Step 6 Present qualified candidates to client, including strengths and weaknesses 
Step 7 Prepare candidate for each interview 
Step 8 Prepare client for interviews
– share candidate hot buttons, MFC, etc. 
Step 9 Debrief candidate after each interview
– discover likes, concerns, other opportunities they are considering, & where this ranks on their list 
Step 10 Debrief client after each interview & share candidate feedback
Step 11 In-depth reference checks 
Step 12 Consult the Counter
-offer issue throughout the entire hiring process
Step 13 Make verbal offer and attain firm candidate acceptance 
Step 14 Confirm acceptance of written offer 
Step 15 Follow-up on candidate resignation, ensuring timely start date 
Step 16 If needed, offer free relocation assistance 
Step 17 Follow-up with Client and New Hire regarding on-boarding process 
Step 18 Post-project analysis
– What went right with the search
– What went wrong with the search- Perception of client in the market
– Solutions to improve client’s ability to attract talent 

We drive and continue to get acceptance throughout the process, from both the Client and the Candidate.


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