About Mark Sasson – Cybersecurity and Cloud Recruiting

Mark Sasson - Cybersecurity and Cloud RecruitingMark’s recruiting career began when he joined Rayboy Insider Search in March of 2011 – a critical and disruptive period for the IT space – as Infrastructure Convergence exploded. Mark’s focus on filling leadership, sales, and field engineering searches with organizations that piece together Storage, Networking, Compute, and Virtualization has given him crucial insight into what would become the dominant focal points of technology today: Cybersecurity & Cloud.
Armed with the experience of placing well over 100 candidates into fast paced technology firms in growth mode, Mark is now leading the charge in building the RayboyIS Security Practice with a specialized focus on filling Leadership, Sales, and Field Engineering searches in North America.  Committing to this niche ensures that Mark is constantly speaking with the industry’s top talent allowing for speed and efficiency when starting a new search.

A focused niche and a proven search process geared towards promoting synergy between Mark’s recruiting team, clients and candidates, has been the key to success in helping a variety of partners – from established firms to early stage start-ups – identify, attract and land top talent.

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Twitter @IT_HeadHuntr

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“Looking for good people or making a change in your career? Mark is one of the rare recruiters in IT that actually spends the time to understand his candidate qualifications and the appropriate alignment to an organization. With his help, I have been fortunate enough to make quality hires for our team as well as gain valuable insight on individuals backgrounds, and strengths. His efforts have been excellent in my experience!

Wayne Lewandowski, VP of Federal, Vormetric

“Mark was instrumental in my recent career move. He was able to bring to me opportunities that aligned with my current skill set and future aspirations. His follow-up and coaching throughout the entire process were extremely valuable and I would not hesitate to work with him again either as a hiring manager or should I decide to make another career move. I have recommended Mark and the team to others based on my positive experience.”

Jan Aufdenkamp, Technical Director – Service Provider, IBM Cloud Group


“Mark was a pleasure to work with and turned me on to an exciting and excellent opportunity with Emerging Threats. His knowledge of the industry, the requirements for the position and research made the entire process a breeze for all parties involved. It was a perfect fit for both ET and myself and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I plan to work with Mark in the future regarding any positions I am looking to fill or as a candidate considering a possible career move. I have already recommended him to many of my peers and will continue to do so in the future.”

Brian Ford, Director of OEM Sales, Emerging Threats (acquired by Proofpoint)


“Usually, a “recruiter” serves a function not unlike an assistant engineer on a steam locomotive, shoveling coal into the furnace to make the train go. As long as it meets the base requirement of coal, everything is satisfactory–no consideration for the “coal” is usually given. Mark, however, is no mere “recruiter”–he’s a talent acquisition professional. He dealt with me warmly, fairly and in an ethical manner–he understood the worth of not only my time and talent, but the value of the opportunity and company he introduced me to. He did his homework not only on whether I would be a good resource, but a good teammate and valuable addition to my company. Furthermore, he fairly represented my interests as well, determining if the opportunity would give me not only the material satisfaction but intellectual and career satisfaction I craved.

Mark is incredibly knowledgeable not only about his client company, but the actual field he was finding talent for. At no time did I feel he was “reading from a script” to determine my fitness–indeed, I often thought he worked for my company, as he had in-depth knowledge and information above and beyond most individuals in his career I have dealt with. Furthermore, I felt that at all times he was transparent and forthcoming with all information he could share, at all times. Finally, he shows concern and great customer service, well after the “transaction” is completed. This is serious business to him, and no doubt this attitude is a great boon to his firm, as well as his clients.

Both my new company and I felt well represented and dealt with by Mark, and I cannot endorse him strongly enough.”

Earl Bryant, Sr. Solutions Architect, ZeroStack

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Blog Links for Candidates and Cybersecurity Companies

Mark Sasson’s specialty is helping leadership candidates (VP & Director level) along with individual contributors (Sales, Pre-Sales, & Architects) advance their careers in the Cybersecurity market. Below are several blogs to assist candidates in their career progression and companies in hiring the best talent.

Blogs for Candidates

Refreshing your Resume:                                                  https://bit.ly/1N4wpdR

Preparing for Video Interviews:                                        https://bit.ly/1CKOajN

7 Tips for Successful Partnerships with Recruiters:     https://bit.ly/1I6CdYq


Blogs for Hiring Managers

Tips for Landing an A-Player Candidate:                        https://bit.ly/1PKqdyq

Navigating Candidate Driven Markets:                           https://bit.ly/2cq9bp1

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