Storage Magazine has been providing salary surveys for the storage industry for the past 12 years. Always of interest to folks we speak with, we wanted to bring the 2014 salary survey for storage industry careers to your attention. All you have to do is fill out their landing page and the survey is yours. If interested in a specific salary survey for a different type of functional role (sales, marketing, systems engineering, PS, etc.), please contact us directly to discuss further.



salary survey

From the article:

Paychecks for data storage professionals are holding steady, according to the results of our twelfth annual Storage magazine Salary Survey, which also revealed that storage pros are spending an increasing amount of time in the application and networking space, taking control of projects that span several IT disciplines.

Our 2014 respondents displayed a combination of aptitude and attitude — a roll-up-your-sleeves type of technical grit — that keeps them at the center of the action. “At the moment, we are implementing VDI … and are in the middle of scaling to 1,000 users,” explained one participant. “We are halfway through, and the issues we have encountered have been both fascinating and frustrating.”

More than 23% of those surveyed said the lines dividing IT teams at their companies had “blurred significantly,” and another 22% reported working more closely with other IT teams than they ever have before.

See full survey here.