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Keep Your New Talent with a Solid Onboarding Process

Companies put great effort and thought into their hiring process as they search for the best talent, but they often fail to consider what happens once the new employee starts the job. Finding the right candidate is important, but it doesn’t mean much if they don’t stick around. Thus, a sound onboarding [...]


How a Skilled Recruiter Keeps Your Candidate from Accepting a Counteroffer

Nothing is more frustrating than identifying the ideal candidate you want to hire, having them accept an offer, and then losing them to a counteroffer. With top talent, the chances of a counteroffer is high. Their current employer didn’t want them to leave and was willing to do whatever it takes to [...]


A Perpetual Prime of Life

As recruiters, there is a powerful question we ask candidates which typically elicits immediate pause, reflection, and authenticity in the answer. It is a question that catches most off guard, creates a feeling of nostalgia, and sometimes even prompts a smile. “At what point in your career did you feel most fulfilled? [...]


How to Close Successful Hires: Tips for an Efficient Interview Process

One of the most frustrating things that can happen during the hiring process is being rejected by your top candidate. It is even worse if your first pick ends up working for a competitor. Here are some tips to improve your interview process so you are not settling for mediocre candidates in [...]


Loss Aversion

Imagine this scenario: a colleague offers to flip a coin and give you $20 if it lands on heads. If it lands on tails, you give him $20. Stop and ponder; would you accept that bet? For most of us, the answer is no. Behavioral science experts Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman [...]


Is Your Hiring Process Helping You Win Top Talent in Data Storage?

Firms that consistently draw top level talent understand that hiring is a courtship. You are trying to sell yourself to the candidate, just as much as they are trying to sell themselves to you. This is especially true if you want to attract highly talented and successful candidates who are already employed. [...]

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