Working with a cybersecurity and data management recruiter can help you find the job of your dreams but jumping into the recruitment process without understanding how it works can make the experience less successful. Here are tips on how to effectively work with a cybersecurity recruiter.

Ask Questions to Find a Good Fit

The first thing to keep in mind is that the recruiter will be qualifying you, so you need to qualify the recruiter in return. Validate that they play in the same game as you. What is their niche? Do they specialize in the industry you want to work in? What job types have they recruited for in the past? It is almost always better if you have a recruiter that is an expert in your field as opposed to a generalist. They will be familiar with the employment landscape and will be able to tell you if a given company fits with your personality, values, and skill set.

Communicate Clearly and Honestly

One thing that helps build trust is open and honest communication. It is good idea to have a conversation with the recruiter about what level of communication to expect from both sides. Communication will also ensure that you and the recruiter agree on the recruitment process. You want to be on the same page every step of the way. You also want to ask the recruiter how they will be representing you. Are they sending your resume to hiring managers or HR? Are they making phone calls on your behalf? You want to understand their methods. Recruiters have a direct relationship with hiring managers and serve as a facilitator to qualify the opportunity initially and throughout the exploratory interview process. As a candidate, you should consistently communicate with your recruiter and share your likes and concerns with them. The recruiter performs their job better when they have feedback, thus, it is in your best interest to be candid about your thoughts and feelings.

Determine if the Recruiter Will be Acting in Your Best Interest

This issue is essential as it pertains to the final phase of the recruitment process. How does the closing go? Who negotiates compensation in the final phases? Do you negotiate compensation directly with the hiring manager or does the recruiter handle negotiations? You want to come to agreement early on about how the closing and negotiation will go down. It is often best if the recruiter handles compensation negotiations. Because they act as a third party, recruiters can approach the situation neutrally. This route is generally less awkward and less stressful on you. Because negotiations can sometimes become combative, having a filter helps if you end up taking the position. You don’t want to start in a situation where your last conversation with your new manager was combative. Relying on the recruiter to negotiate can keep the final stages of the courtship process positive.

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