Storage, Virtualization and the Cloud

Jordan Rayboy, president and CEO of Rayboy Insider Search, focuses on another area of IT: Senior level sales, marketing, engineering, consulting and management talent — with a specific focus on data storage and infrastructure. He sees plenty of activity on those sectors in 2011.

“Storage has always been a great place to be, because no matter how bad the economy gets, storage is always a sizable chunk of any IT budget. Every organization needs to store and manage their critical data. Storage administrators, architects and consultants will always be in high demand,” Rayboy said.

“Two other key areas of massive potential growth are virtualization and cloud-computing-related technologies. It’s often said that ‘virtualization is the gateway drug to the cloud,'” he added. “In the future, more and more companies will move toward virtualized environments and utilize cloud architectures. It’s a good idea to get on board now as the train builds momentum.”

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