Jordan Rayboy quoted in The – “Should You Tell One Company You’re Accepting Another Offer?”

“Once you’ve received a job offer you plan to accept, one of your duties is to let your other prospects know, if you haven’t already. How much should you tell them? Read on for advice on how to handle this delicate communication. “Unsurprisingly, informing companies you’re taking an offer can result in a bidding war. As a rule, Lamb advises clients not to participate in the game, since “It often leaves both organizations feeling a bit manipulated,” she said.  Not all career professionals agree. Jordan Rayboy, president and CEO of Rayboy Insider Search and a member of the Pinnacle Society of executive recruiters, has no qualms about counseling his data storage professional clients to negotiate the strongest possible offer if they have multiple options.

“You have more leverage to negotiate a stronger offer if you have multiple options,” Rayboy said. “I don’t think there’s anything unethical about trying to negotiate the best possible offer for yourself.”

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