In 2011, Sales Jobs Will Be There for the Driven

Jordan Rayboy, President and CEO of Rayboy Insider Search, an executive recruitment firm specializing in information storage human resource talent was interviewed in the December issue at  Jordan shares his unique perspective regarding sales jobs in 2011.

Some niche recruiters are finding that sales people with deep technical know-how are hard to come by. “We’ve got more work than we can handle,” says Jordan Rayboy, president of Rayboy Insider Search, which specializes in recruiting sales and other professionals for the data storage industry. “We’re looking to hire recruiters on our own staff.”

One difficult dynamic has begun to ease: After hunkering down through the recession, some top sales people are now willing to consider a change of employers. “In 2010 we’ve seen an exodus of good sales candidates who didn’t want to make a move in 2008 or 2009,” says Rayboy.

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