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Consolidation Temptation- MONEY MONEY MONEY

23 Oct 2015, Posted by Jeska Rayboy in Blog

What an exciting time to be in the Storage and Data Center Infrastructure market!!! It is so competitive with new technologies popping up everyday that companies are rampantly partnering up for better future strategic positioning. If you thought that Symantec selling Veritas for 8 Billon (Click here for article) was a big deal, that looks like small potatoes compared to Michael Dell’s purchase of EMC. Who saw that 67 Billion dollar acquisition coming? (Click here for article ).  Dell and EMC are both hugely successful companies in their own right, and the combined firm will be a major force to be reckoned with.  It will be very interesting to hear about how things develop with this mega-merger. As we receive additional feedback from people in the marketplace, we will post future emc 2

The Dell/EMC acquisition isn’t the only one that has happened in the past month, just the most expensive… Perhaps everyone is getting ready to crush it in 2016. IBM just bought Cleversafe (Click here for article).Western Digital bought SanDisk  for 19 Billion (Click here for article). Thales Group bought Vormetric  for 400 Million (Click here for article).

Who do you think will be the next corporate marriage????!!!!!

At Rayboy Insider Search, we specializes in Sales, Marketing, Engineering, and Executive Leadership talent in the storage, software, and infrastructure marketplace. We are currently partnering w/ a client that is an independent, agile business unit within one of the most well-known names in technology; essentially a startup with none of the risks inside of a multi-billion dollar company.  They are disrupting the big data server landscape with a differentiated fabric computing platformproviding the highest-density, most energy-efficient server on the market.  Switching, storage, and compute are unified into a single appliance, and it centralizes the management under a single pane of glass. This combination adds up to a value prop that saves customers 20-50% on TCO compared to traditional server infrastructure. Verizon Terremark is their largest customer, and is leveraging this company’s solution to build their next-generation cloud. Additionally, they are also running some of the world’s largest data centers for other customers such as Rackspace, Yahoo, Microsoft, and Red Hat, as well as many bleeding edge web shops. They recently set a significant industry benchmark record with the largest known demonstration of Openstack scalability

People who join this group will get to learn about all of these different facets of the data center, as opposed to just focusing on a single type of technology. It’s a great opportunity for employees to expand their capabilities and expertiseThey are in the vortex of some massive change to compute architecture, so for sales reps interested in technologies like Hadoop, Openstack, Fabric Computing, Cloud Computing, and Big Data, they will be engaging with those every day.

They already have A-player Sales Reps dong well in the Northeast and Texas and are looking to add another rock star to cover the Southeast (PA to FL). Ideally, this person would be based somewhere in the middle of the territory, in either Atlanta, NC, or VA/MD. The compensation plan is extremely lucrative and includes aggressive accelerators, uncapped earnings, as well as an equity package of RSU’s. They’ve had top sales reps W2 over $1M in the past, so they are not afraid to pay sales people well. Top performers are recognized and rewarded, and there will absolutely be career advancement opportunities as the company continues to scale. This is an opportunity to play a pivotal role in the success of a red-hot startup division that is already generating huge revenue and shipping a clearly differentiated product- the timing couldn’t be better.

If you or someone you know may be a good fit for this opportunity, Please contact us A.S.A.P at [email protected] or APPLY HERE.

File I/O stacks in operating systems are a great example for schools to teach Parkinson’s Law, which says that software expands to use the resources available. Last time I counted, the current Linux stack with an attached SSD has a total of six or seven address translations. That’s a huge software overhead, and you might be forgiven for wondering if the objective of the fastest I/O got lost in translation!PCIe-SSD-M2

Fortunately, relief is at hand. The industry has created a new standard that enterprise SSD vendors are aggressively picking up: NVMe. The idea seems so simple that you wonder why we didn’t go there before, but IT is often very conservative, and this is a radical change.

NVMe stands for “Non-Volatile Memory express.” The hardware part of the solution takes away the disk interface chip that used to plug into PCIe on the motherboard, and this allows the drive to talk directly to the PCIe bus and so to system memory. This idea isn’t quite as radical as it sounds. Electrically, PCIe and SAS/SATA are very similar, so it’s more a protocol change than a completely new concept.

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Medicare-and-Medicaid-Spending-Growth-1024x768Enterprises finally started opening their pocketbooks for external storage systems in the final quarter of last year, but economic uncertainty and the appeal of public cloud services continue to hold back the market, according to research company Gartner.

Revenue from external controller-based storage, which includes both hard-drive and flash arrays but not components for unique platforms such as the Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google clouds, rose to US$6.3 billion worldwide in the fourth quarter. That was up 5 percent from a year earlier, but it came at the end of a dismal year for the industry, Gartner said.

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