Attracting great talent in this competitive market takes thought, planning, and decisive action. In data storage and infrastructure, talented candidates want what most professionals want. Yet, they also have some unique aspects to what they are looking for. In our last blog post we covered the first 3 elements that candidates are looking for: opportunities for success, compensation, and career satisfaction. Here are the remaining 2 elements that star talent is looking for in this field.

Company Culture

Much is made of company culture, especially in the tech industry. Yet, data storage and infrastructure professionals aren’t looking for the “paddle ball in the break room” type of culture. They don’t go to work to play games; they are motivated and want to achieve more. An effective company culture is one that encourages and motivates the employees. A competitive environment that is also supportive is ideal. Companies with toxic cultures regularly have their talent poached. Find ways to express the values of your company so you can attract candidates who resonate with the values of the company. Values ultimately translate into policy and actions. Keep in mind that new hires can influence culture as well.

The Value Proposition

Create a compelling employment value proposition that is geared towards the candidate, rather than vendors or clients. What’s exciting about your company? What’s exciting about your opportunity? How are you competing and winning? You want to show how the employee will be able to contribute to these successes. The hiring process is a two-way street. You need to think about your opportunity from the perspective of the candidate. What can they get out of the opportunity? A compelling employment value proposition will give the employee an idea as to how they can contribute to the overall goals of the company and give them a sense of how they can grow and develop within the company. A good recruiter can help facilitate this employment value proposition and make sure it’s in alignment with what you want to attract. They will also be well-versed in what motivates candidates in your market.

To attract the best talent, you need to understand what motivates them. You need to clearly communicate what makes your company exceptional and how the candidate can join in your success. Lastly, understand the values that drive your organization so that you can attract candidates that align with your values.

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