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Investment continues to flow into storage startups, with Tegile Systems the latest company receiving a major cash infusion, closing a $70 million Series D funding round. The new funding brings the company’s total capital raised to $117.5 million to date, and will be used to finance its global expansion and address the opportunity within the enterprise flash storage market space.funding 2

Three new investors, Capricorn Investment Group, Cross Creek Advisors and Pine River Capital Management, join existing investors August Capital, Meritech Capital Partners, Western Digital Corp. and SanDisk Corp. to fund the round.

With a best-in-class product portfolio, an award-winning partner program, and numerous industry accolades, Tegile continues to set the bar for up-and-coming storage vendors,” said Dipender Saluja, MD, Capricorn Investment Group. “Tegile is transforming the storage industry by offering unique storage solutions that strike the perfect balance between performance and economics. The opportunity to partner with Tegile and help scale the company as it continues its rapid ascent in the flash storage industry is one that we simply could not afford to pass up.”

Tegile provides flash-optimized storage solutions that enable businesses of all sizes to accelerate their applications, reduce their storage footprint and cut operational costs. Tegile shipped its first storage array in 2012. Since then, the company has deployed more than 1,500 systems within mid-sized and large enterprise environments and has experienced year-over-year revenue growth of 350%. Read More.

HP Still Spending- Buys Aruba Networks for $3B

03 Mar 2015, Posted by Jeska Rayboy in Blog

HP has Cisco squarely in its sights with $3B acquisition of Aruba Networks

Solution providers Monday said Hewlett-Packard’s $3 billion acquisition of wireless networking high-flyer Aruba Networks will put the heat on networking leader Cisco Systems.buyer seller

“This deal to me shows the vulnerability of Cisco and the fiefdom Cisco had in networking,” said Bob Venero, CEO of Future Tech, a Holbrook, N.Y.-based HP and Aruba partner. “HP is going after Cisco for a bigger piece of that market.” Another top executive for a national HP enterprise partner, who did not want to be identified, said the deal opens up a new innovative, best-in-class wireless offering to go head to head against Cisco.


VC money keeps flowing into high growth storage start-ups that have a compelling value proposition. Below are some details on what Pivot3 and Exablox  have to offer that is exciting enough in such a competitive market to receive additional support and funding in 2015. vc funding


Pivot3 receives $45 million

Pivot3, Inc., in hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) solutions, announced a $45 million equity and bank financing closing.

Argonaut Private Equity, a new investor in the company, joins S3 Ventures, InterWest Partners, Mesirow Financial Private Equity, and the Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati investment fund in providing additional equity in this closing.

As a part of this round, Steve Mitchell, MD of Argonaut Private Equity, will join the board of directors.

We invest in premier companies that can transform large and important industries,” said Steve Mitchell, MD, Argonaut Private Equity. “Pivot3 is on the leading edge of a once-in-several-decades transformation of the underlying technology that operates IT data centers globally.”

Industry analysts predict dramatic market growth in hyper-converged systems. According to the Technology Business Research quarterly webinar series in October 2014, “Converged systems are the go-to alternative to complicated piece-part infrastructure, sparking a $17.8 billion global market opportunity.”

The pervasive need to address unmanageable IT complexity while providing lower cost and improved service on a global scale has created an environment for explosive growth in the HCI market,” said Ron Nash, chairman and CEO, Pivot3. “Pivot3 now has the opportunity to go from being an original innovator of hyper-converged infrastructure to becoming a global leader in providing transformative IT infrastructure technology to our customers, who are leaders in IT and security organizations.”   Click here for more. 

Exablox receives $16 Million

Exablox Corp. has received a $16 million Series-C funding round.

Dell Ventures is now a strategic investor, joining existing investors DCM Ventures, Norwest Venture Partners and US Venture Partners.

This investment validates Exablox’s vision for delivering scale-out object storage to every organization.

The company has now received $38.5 million in total funding.

The recent IDC Worldwide Object-Based Storage 2014-2018 Forecast Report projects that the file-and-object-based storage market will be $43.4 billion in 2018. IDC also states that by 2018 scale-out solutions will account for approximately 80% of the FOBS market.

With traditional models storage often has been purchased on a three- to four-year refresh cycle, forcing IT organizations to overprovision storage in anticipation of future business needs, which often results in forklift upgrades as business requirements change. This antiquated approach does not fit in an era of overwhelming growth in unstructured data, big data and the Internet of Things. Exablox’s OneBlox scale-out architecture provides a scalable solution that eliminates forklift upgrades and enables IT organizations to nearly instantaneously scale storage capacity, performance and/or availability to exactly meet their current business needs. Click here for more.


What Is New With Oracle’s Storage Business?

05 Feb 2015, Posted by Jeska Rayboy in Blog


Oracle’s new generation of Exadata will be able to compete on price and still have the same high-end quality that their customers are used to. They have decided to take EMC/Cisco’s idea and emulate it with a competing product that Ellison believes will be superior to what is currently available in the market. oracle comic

Larry Ellison took the stage in the conference center of his company’s headquarters Jan. 21 to unveil Oracle’s X5 line of converged systems to staff, partners and customers.

Clearly comfortable in his new role as CTO, Ellison’s passion for engineering was evident as he talked about the technical capabilities of the Virtual Compute Appliance, Exadata Database Machine and other upcoming Oracle products.

While he may have been wearing his engineer cap, Ellison was still ever the salesman, ever the combatant. With typical bravado, Oracle’s founder threw down the gauntlet to Cisco and EMC, proclaiming he was ready to take them on in their own game of selling low-priced servers to power modern data centers.

Here’s Ellison in his own words.

Gen 5

We’re here to introduce the fifth generation of our engineered systems. Again, the idea is taking the hardware and software and during the engineering phase actually designing them to work together. We do the integration so you don’t have to. But more than that we locate functions at the right place in the stack. If it’s a storage function, we locate it closer to the storage. If it’s a compute function, it’s close to the compute service, and there’s security through all layers, through the storage, through the networking and through compute.

This is our fifth generation of engineered systems called X5.

Data Center Trends

The biggest data center trends are these two-socket Intel servers which have a very, very low purchase price. People are building the core of their data center around these two-socket Intel servers. And almost always running Linux.

So it’s a lot of two-socket servers, pretty much the cheapest servers you can buy, running an open-source operating system and people are building that as the core of their data center, and it’s very attractive because it has a low purchase price.

You can make the argument, we make the argument, that these do-it-yourself data centers are expensive. You do the integration rather than we do the integration.  Read Full Article.

Riverbed Steps Out Of The Public Eye

20 Jan 2015, Posted by Jeska Rayboy in Blog

Many people dream of taking a company public. That is why you build a business, in hopes of the “BIG” payout some day!!! It appears a reversal of this trend in is on the horizon.

Riverbed Technology is the latest major tech company to bow out of public trading, announcing a $3.6 billion takeover by private equity firm Thoma Bravo on Monday. The price is the highest ever paid by Thoma Bravo, and works out to $21 for each share of Riverbed currently in circulation.

The deal should close in early 2015, pending regulatory and shareholder approval. With those in hand, Riverbed would join a growing list of high-profile tech companies in going private, including Dell, BMC and Blue Coat. riverbed

Riverbed is best known for its WAN optimization hardware, an area in which the company has been consistently recognized for quality. Its recent history, however, is one of diversification, purchasing companies with related product offerings and rolling out new lines of its own.

The company had been an acquisition target for some time, rejecting a January bid by Elliot Management Corporation for around $19 per share, and a subsequently sweetened offer of $21 per share. But it had also made acquisitions of its own, most notably the billion-dollar purchase of application performance management company Opnet Technologies in 2012.

While Riverbed’s fortunes had been generally improving over the past few months, it’s still a company facing plenty of challenges. Riverbed lost more than $12 million in 2013, and although it returned to profitability over the past year, some experts believe the company has had trouble integrating Opnet, its big buy.  Click Here

10 Data Storage Startups To Watch In 2015

07 Jan 2015, Posted by Jeska Rayboy in Blog

Happy New Year from Rayboy Insider Search!  Best of luck making 2015 your best year ever.  We are involved in a fast paced industry at a very exciting time. Technologies such as flash caching, cloud disaster recovery, hyper-convergence, and object storage came into their own in 2014, prompting an influx of new data storage startups. There are so many emerging technologies and technology companies it can be hard to keep up.  Below is a list of 10 data storage startups that have launched since fourth quarter of 2013. Now is the time to pay attention to them.


Beijing Memblaze Technology Co. Ltd.start up board game

Flagship Product: PBlaze4 Hardware Flash Accelerator Product Launch: General availability in 2015

Although technically not a startup, Memblaze is trying to break into U.S. markets. The company has been around since 2011, selling earlier iterations of its NVMe-based PBlaze PCI Express (PCIe) flash devices to Chinese hyperscale organizations. Memblaze places memory on PCIe cards rather than storage systems to enable capacity planning. PBlaze4 devices will be available in nearly 40 memory configurations using Memblaze’s Pianokey technology, which enables MLC and SLC flash to be added in 50 GB increments.

CacheBox Inc.

Flagship Product: CacheAdvance software Product Launch: August 2014

CacheBox provides a bare-metal caching software layer known as CacheAdvance that bridges hard disk and all-flash storage. The algorithm balances static and dynamic caching policies, applying block-level intelligence to manage input/output requests from high availability storage. Server-side cache and guest-level operating system cache are supported for MySQL and MongoDB environments that run Microsoft Windows Server 2008 or Linux-based storage. CacheBox’s initial release supports kernel-based virtual machine hypervisors, with VMware vSphere support on the 2015 roadmap.

To view the rest of the 2015 Data Storage Startups  CLICK HERE.

2014 Year End Recap of Storage Salaries

19 Dec 2014, Posted by Jeska Rayboy in Blog

Storage Magazine has been providing salary surveys for the storage industry for the past 12 years. Always of interest to folks we speak with, we wanted to bring the 2014 salary survey for storage industry careers to your attention. All you have to do is fill out their landing page and the survey is yours. If interested in a specific salary survey for a different type of functional role (sales, marketing, systems engineering, PS, etc.), please contact us directly to discuss further.



salary survey

From the article:

Paychecks for data storage professionals are holding steady, according to the results of our twelfth annual Storage magazine Salary Survey, which also revealed that storage pros are spending an increasing amount of time in the application and networking space, taking control of projects that span several IT disciplines.

Our 2014 respondents displayed a combination of aptitude and attitude — a roll-up-your-sleeves type of technical grit — that keeps them at the center of the action. “At the moment, we are implementing VDI … and are in the middle of scaling to 1,000 users,” explained one participant. “We are halfway through, and the issues we have encountered have been both fascinating and frustrating.”

More than 23% of those surveyed said the lines dividing IT teams at their companies had “blurred significantly,” and another 22% reported working more closely with other IT teams than they ever have before.

See full survey here.

2015 Storage Forecasts by Industry CEO’s

18 Dec 2014, Posted by Jeska Rayboy in Blog

Here are a few storage predictions for 2015. It will be interesting and exciting to see how this new year unfolds!!

Information Age takes a forward-facing look at the coming year and asks industry experts what they think is just around the corner for the storage world in 2015.see the future

Flexibility will be the biggest issue facing storage in the coming year – Sean Horne, CTO and senior director of enterprise and mid-range storage, EMC:

The biggest questions that IT decision makers will be making over the coming year will be: how do I deploy a platform that can deal with abrupt changes in the business landscape? Be that in scaling to large demands in storage, or delivering performance for next generation workloads? How do we deliver this flexibility at an affordable cost, without pushing the organization to take uncomfortable risks? And indeed, with the responsiveness required?

Organizations both scale up and scale out, and therefore, whilst storage needs to move with this change, it will be important to not let this disrupt the whole IT ecosystem. This will result in an increase in investments in developing hybrid cloud to give organizations the flexibility to direct workloads where they need to go, as they are needed.


Security and compliance will continue to dictate decisions around companies’ hybrid cloud setups – Sean Horne, CTO and senior director of enterprise and mid-range storage, EMC:

In my opinion, there are four types of control over organizational data that are needed: privacy, trust, compliance and security. For example, data centers have huge compliance requirements they need to adhere to, but the privacy of data, how it is stored and who has access to be, can be argued, is an emotional and subjective decision, between the company and its customers.

Understandably, many businesses are not comfortable with their private data sitting in a public cloud, so a degree of flexibility is needed to allow businesses to capitalize on the economies of public cloud without incurring undue risk.

Policy-based lifecycle management will be the answer to spiralling storage growth – Radek Dymacz, Head of R&D, Databarracks:

The key to reducing backup costs is good management and not applying blanket policies to all data. It’s about having the right retention and archive policies in place for the right data.

I think too many organisations struggle with data management because they regard ‘deletion’ as a scary word. No one really takes responsibility for corporate data or even knows who the ultimate owner is, so deletion is regarded as someone else’s job. As software becomes more integrated, we’ll have real-time, 360o visibility – storage decisions will be based on evidence and so ‘deletion anxiety’ will be less of an issue.


WAN optimisation will be the key to ensuring optimal data delivery – Everett Dolgner, director of replication product management, Silver Peak:

All the bandwidth in the world will not matter if packets are being dropped or delivered out of order due to congestion, as is often the case in MPLS and Internet connections.

To overcome these challenges and ensure optimal data delivery, organizations must establish a fully equipped network that will cope with the increased flow of traffic cloud storage initiatives bring. Failing to do so will result in an environment plagued by issues that will only lead to performance and business benefits being compromised.

Optimising the WAN can reduce over 90 percent of the traffic across the network and is key in providing the scalability needed to support all current and emerging applications.


We will see an accelerated move to software-defined storage Nigel Edwards Vice President, EMEA Sales and channel marketing HGST

Click here to read full article.

Keeping morale and productivity high during the holiday season (between Thanksgiving and just after New Year’s) can be tough. The pull (and stress) of family and holiday shopping can cause workers to be distracted, or lose interest. As can going to work while their coworkers take vacation days.

So what can employers and managers do to keep employees motivated and working toward year-end goals from late November through early January? Here are nine suggestions, provided by business owners and managers as well as HR experts.emplyee thanks

1. Recognize employees — with thank-you notes and/or small gifts. “In workplace culture, the power of thanks is too often overlooked,” says Eric Mosley, CEO, Globoforce, an employee recognition company. “When employees are thanked for a job well done, they are motivated and inspired to do great work; they are driven to surpass company goals; and they are happier and more committed to their employer,” he says. “Our Workforce Mood Tracker survey shows that there is a demonstrable link between thanks and motivation: 86 percent of employees say that being recognized motivates them in their job. So thank your employees for a job well done — and not just this holiday season but every day, year-round. The positive effect will be palpable.”

“Write a handwritten note,” says Kara Simon, general manager, 3Cheers Recognition & Rewards. “The time it takes to sit down and write a personalized note says a lot in and of itself. By expressing appreciation in a personal note, the recipient will feel appreciated by the effort and motivated to continue to go above and beyond.”

“You can [also] say ‘thank you’ with gifts that are personalized,” says Heather Rykowski, president, All in The Present, a corporate gift service. “Gifts are strong motivators because they are memorable and make us feel good.”

“Whether it’s a gift card to their favorite restaurant, a day or two of extra vacation time or the latest tech gadget, pairing a meaningful reward with recognition enhances the emotional connection employees share with the company,” says Simon. Whether you have a big budget or a small one, “find rewards that will have value and be meaningful” to employees, which will “create an even stronger connection between the individual, the company and its goals.”

Want the rest of the list ? Click here


We are working on a Pre-sales SE opportunity in the Pacific North West.

Rayboy Insider Search specializes in Sales, Marketing, Engineering, and Management talent in the storage/software industry. The company we are currently partnering with is a $3B firm that is already a household name and growing nearly 20% annually Our client is in Gartner’s leadership quadrant in every market they play, including Desktop Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Application Delivery, and Mobility. The firm recently made a major acquisition in the mobility space which gives them an unrivaled product portfolio. These technologies are all top priorities for CIO’s today, and this firm has strong solution offerings across every segment. The company is also one of the most highly rated companies to work for on GlassDoor, and they have a tenured stable management team that are well liked by the sales organization.seattle job

Mobility is extremely hot, and far from being played out. Our client has the strongest end to end mobility story in the market today. They already have relationships with 90% of the F1000, so this Mobility Pre-Sales SE has the opportunity to walk into major accounts and get an audience day one. This role will be selling to a geography encompassing the Pac-NW and will be partnered with a strong Mobility Sales Rep in the region who is already ramped up and ready to go. Every conversation the company’s core reps have involves mobility and there is a substantial team of aggressive core reps walking this team into opportunities throughout the region. They have a strong cohesive unit in this territory, so the right individual will have a team environment they can jump right into. This is a chance to join a growing team with a market leader in a hot market – timing couldn’t be better! If you or someone you know may be interested in learning more contact us now at [email protected] or click here.