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“Take a Walk” Jordan Rayboy Featured in The

"There’s more than one way to skin a cat, and more than one way to convince a candidate to take that final step and commit to a position. How do you win that argument and close the deal? Like most recruiters, Jordan Rayboy, president and CEO of Rayboy Insider Search, a data [...]


Jordan Rayboy quoted in The

Jordan Rayboy quoted in The - "Should You Tell One Company You're Accepting Another Offer?" "Once you’ve received a job offer you plan to accept, one of your duties is to let your other prospects know, if you haven’t already. How much should you tell them? Read on for advice on [...]


Jordan Rayboy quoted in Civilian

"Here’s a rundown of industries that have high-in-demand jobs and that also require niche skills commonly found in the military, vis-à-vis Shatkin, Jordan Rayboy (President and CEO of Rayboy Insider Search, a recruiting firm specializing in the data storage industry) and John McSpadden (CEO of MAC & Associates LLC, an executive search [...]


Outrageous Interview Blunders 2011

Outrageous Interview Blunders 2011 - Jordan Rayboy Quoted in AOL The biggest mistake I had a candidate make in an interview was to share with the hiring manager that he had a side photography business he did in his personal time, after hours and on the weekend. This candidate went from [...]


Report: many areas of IT will be in high demand

Specialized skill sets - such as IT - have continued to help people find jobs in a difficult economy. IBM sees business analytics as the next hot IT career. According to Tim Powers, businesses and governments are trying to figure out the challenge of making sense of data and turning that into [...]


Every organization needs to store and manage their critical data.

"Storage has always been a great place to be, because no matter how bad the economy gets, storage is always a sizable chunk of any IT budget. Every organization needs to store and manage their critical data. Storage administrators, architects and consultants will always be in high demand," Rayboy said. Read the [...]


Cloud Computing Story with Jordan Rayboy

Analytics, Storage and Cloud Skills Will Be in Demand As economic recovery boosts IT hiring, specialized skill sets will see the most action. These include business analytics, storage and cloud computing. IBM's Tim Powers said data needs to be analyzed to be useful, and Jordan Rayboy said data storage is always a [...]


2011 IT Jobs Demand Specialized Skills

With storage, data, virtualization and analytics top priorities for companies in 2011, IT jobs are back in demand. A report from says there is plenty of action across the board for technologists with specialized skill sets. Jordan Rayboy, president and CEO of Rayboy Insider Search, told Newsfactor that he is seeing [...]

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